trying for years... fear
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Jenny - February 14

Hi, My doctor only recently told me that my pelvis would be inadequate for a natural birth even if I did get pregnant. This I feel for me is the last ray of hope. I couldnt imagine trying so hard then having a csection. Would anyone hear keep trying even if it meant an inevitable csection. Perhaps I am being irrational.. thank you for all advise in advance.


SashaP - February 14

I would, I've been told the same thing because my pubic bone is so low. If they feel a c-section would be best I wouldn't even hesitate. If they feel you need a c-section they won't even try to deliver naturally and they will just schedule the c-section. I have friends that had the same situation.


bj - February 14

I would definately keep trying. After all, in the end, we want the baby. How you actually delivered it isn't the reason we're trying. Have faith, and don't give up!


Jean - February 14

Of course! you will still have a beautiful baby, who cares how he/she is brought into this world!


wtf! - February 14

no, I wouldn't have a baby if you have to have a c section! would it really be worth it? duh!


To jenny - February 15

To jenny, I don't think your being irrational at all. Its normal to have fears of having a C-section. There are risks to either having a natural birth or c-section. I know lots of people who had c-sections and never had any problems afterward. I figured if we can create babies then it shouldn't matter how they come into this world (As jean said) as long as their healthy.


Dee - February 15

plenty of women have healthy pregnancies and end up having to deliver by it's something that know one can prevent. i would still definitely try....having a c-section isn't the worst that can happen.



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