Trying for the 2nd baby. can't get pregnant.
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henrike - October 18

hi, I am new to this site, but I see there is a huge support group that most of us need. I have a 15 months daughter and we are trying to get pregnant again. the 1st time my husband and I used the clear blue ovulation monitor. It took us 2 months to get pregnant. We also were taking Fertility Blend for about a week or two before I got pregnant. I do not think fertility blend helped there, i think i was already pregnant. Now we're ready for the second baby. I've been using the monitor since april, and nothing. Is it harder to get pregnant the second time around. What are your thoughts on ovulex? Any advise would help. thank you in advance.


linds99 - October 18

I have read many women foregoing the ovulex and taking a very good prenatal vitamin, with inclusion of all the B-vitamins, not just a few of them, and increasing the Omega 3 fatty acids throughout the cycle. Did you know the first time you have a baby, all your DHA reserves (which is an omega 3) gets eaten up by the baby and you as a woman can actually be depleted of it because it takes a longer time to restore it. Maybe this could help you. I would try adding the omega 3 supplement, maybe evening primrose to get your cervical mucous more agreeable during the folliclular phase while using your monitor. I found the monitor to be helpful in detecting the surge, but I also did that with temperature taking each morning. This will show you that you are actually ovulating and progesterone is rising (from a corpus luteum) where as the monitor just shows the LH surge signaling ovulation about 12-36 hours later. Fertility Blend may help too, but explore the omega 3s, this addition to my diet actually got rid of my pms, sore boobs every month. BTW, what nationality is Henrike? Just curious.


henrike - October 18

My real name is Henrieta, I am from Lithuania, but I live in California, Alameda. I met my husband here and now we have a beautiful daughter. We are ready for the 2nd baby, but no luck yet. How di I increase the Omega 3? are they just the regular over the counter pills?


linds99 - October 18

Oh, I love Lithuanian culture, the people are so nice and fun and friendly. My parents are from Europe, I am first generation American too, (Polish, Hungarian). Anyway, the omega 3 should be taken in an oil form/pill. Don't take the omega 3 from fish liver, as it is very good for you, but has very high in vitamin A and too much vitamin A is linked with birth defects. I believe you can get omega 3 from the evening primrose oil/supplement, take about 3,000 mg per day, (1,000 mg per pill) spread them out morning, noon, night all the way to ovulation. You will have awesome cervical mucous from it. Then change over to flax seed oil supplements during the luteal phase (after confirmed ovulation). I would also ask your doctor for a good prenatal and take that with DHA supplement. You don't want to be over-doing it with too much omega 3 either because over 3 grams of omega 3 per day has been shown to cause increased bleeding time (antithrombotic effects), but if you don't want to try the evening primrose or flax oil, I would stick with just a DHA supplement throughout the cycle.



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