trying for last two years
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katrinas - September 22

Hi, we have been trying for it for last two years but still not successful. Last year, I got pregnant but the fetus never formed and I got the miscarriage. We both are so worried now. Can anyone suggest what could be wrong? We both are 34 years now.



dea - September 24

Katrinas: You didn't mention if you and dh have been tested or not. I would go that route-- be agressive, ask lots of questions and ultimately do what feels right for the both of you. After 26 months- dh and I are 8 weeks pg due to a combo treatment of injectibles with back-to-back IUI's. Good Luck.


slowpoke01 - September 25

i agree if you both having had fertility testing i would suggest that. and be aggressive with the treatments. i dont like taking meds but i will do whatever it takes to get pregnant. good luck


manyika - September 25

Hi Katrinas, I agree with Dea and Slowpoke, you should consult a Reproductive Endocrinologist. That's what my husband and I did this January, I have irregular cycles and don't ovulate regularly. I had to have a hysterosalphingogram done last March to make sure my tubes are ok before I was started on Clomid. I started taking Clomid last April. I did 3 rounds of Clomid, the first and second with IUI and I got pregnant on the third cycle on our own. Having fertility work up can be expensive and time consuming. It can be frustrating when AF comes but everything is worth it when you get your BFP!



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