trying for baby # 2
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nicole - March 12

i have one child and me and my husband are trying for another. but i dont think im ovulating, i never have any signs that i am. my first child was a premie by 2 months. but hes big & healty . do you think i can get pregnant again if i have no signs of ovulation?


Jenn - March 14

Try charting to find out for sure what is happening. I recommend Take Charge of Your Fertility - a great resource. Good luck!


nicole - March 14

thanks. i've been kinda keeping track of it but not alot.. do you think i should try a bd thomator? or just see what happens by its self?


milissa - March 16

go to you can chart there, great help so far for me! I know more about my body and how it works then ever before!


tammy - September 4

yes you can get pregnant i did with no . i have a 1 year old baby to day good luck tammy



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