trying for a baby girl or baby boy?
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Julie a - May 19

Any suggestions on getting pregnant with a baby girl as me and my dh have 2 boys each from our first relationship's and we would both love a daughter.
unfortunately we have only had baby boy's born in both our families for the past 16yrs any suggestions on getting a baby girl naturally are most appriciated. thanks


Amanda - May 19

Juile I was told if you have sex on cycle days 13-17 your more likely to have a girl.. Don't know how true it is though. there are books on these kinds of things. Research it.


Amanda - May 19

here is a web site:


Melissa - May 19

I've heard that if you have sex prior to o then all that will be left at o are the girl sperm (they're stronger than boy sperm) but if you want a boy they say to try the day of. But, I saw this documentry on the Discovery Channel regarding this issue and it never worked for any of the women no matter what they tried. But, good luck. I would try to do the deed prior to for a girl.



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