trying for 3 years
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Vickie - June 29

hi im vickie, me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 3 years now. my periods are totally off mark, they come between 28 days and 3 months. i know this could be a problem for us, but my sister had 2 fail attempts at IVF and my niece was told she cant have children, but she has got one. i would love to go to the doctors for tests to see if im told i cant conceive, but as i am only 20 ive got a feeling they will just tell us to keep trying. we are a very mature couple and just longing for a family. how should i aproach my doctor for advice without him saying we are too young which is what someone has already said to me??


chrissy - June 29

Im in the same boat as you are. You would probably have to go to see a specialist. The obyn usually doesn't want to get someone pregnant unless their like 30 or something. Because I asked for help also and all she talked about is putting me back on the pill and not getting pregnant lets just say I didnt go back to her again,lol. I'm probably going to see a specialist soon thank god. I havent had a cycle for almost 5 months now. I dont know whats going on. Good Luck...


Kelly - June 29

The fact that you're getting your period sometimes every 3 months should be checked into by your gyn regardless of whether you want to get pregnant or not, just because while common, it may be a sign of something else going on. Maybe angle it with her that sometime in the next couple of years you want to start a family and you are concerned and want to find out what's going on now and correct it ...which depending on what it is, make take some time. Good Luck!!!


kim - June 30

Research herbal supplements and infertility. Some women take herbal supplements to regulate their periods to become pregnant.



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