trying 2 yrs latter looking in to a suragant mother help
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Elizabeth - September 22

i am 24 years old married been trying for 2 years with husband and i are lookin into suragency. I would love to do it my self but I have half a uterus one tube and one overie. some one please help. If you can please email me at [email protected]


to you who wrote before me - September 22

you need to grow up you ignorent person how dare you bash elizabeth for wanting a baby. we all want a baby if this is her life line to get one then she needs to take it. Your a nasty person you need to grow up . how dare you.. who cares if she can't spell most people suck at spelling... so what.. she may suck at spelling but you just suck.... ignorant ass. GOOD LUCK ELIZABETH


Justine - September 22

Elizabeth, i don't know what avenues you've explored already but i guess the best person to start with would be your doctor who can explain pros and cons of surrogacy and also discuss other options with you. I also did a quick internet search and if you type in surrogacy then it brings up lots of organisations and groups which might be able to help you further. Good luck and i wish you all the best.



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