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kc - June 8

i have since the 1st of may been of the pill. since then i have not gotten a period i was suppose to get one on the 25th of 26th of may but nothing! i have not had a perioid how do i know when to try? when will i be ovaluating? will i ovulate? the doctor said it would be about 1yr before anything, is that true? help


stacey - June 8

I had periods when I went off of the pill. Got pregnant w/in 2months as well. However I m/c were your cycles before you were on the pill? Steady? I would go to the obgyn and check it out if it doesn't come soon- I'm not one for waiting around :) Isn't there something they can give you to start your period- thought I read about that. Either way, I'd wait a bit longer b/c sometimes your cycle could change when you go off of the pill.


claire - June 8

hiya i had a similar problem when i had my coil taken out a few months ago my periods didnt return for 2 months i went to see doctor and they said to just wait it would come back when its ready (not very helpful) they said after coming of the pill or having a coil taken out it can take a while for your body nto get back into a rytham mine has settled down but not pregnant yet.



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