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Anna - June 3

2 of my good friends went on clomid 1st round didn't happen so the doctor said try to put a pillow under and lay there for a good 15 min on their second round of clomid boom it happened they are both very happy now to soon be a mom. As for me i just might try it, i tried to go a natural and on my own but it looks like i will need some help with fertility drugs to help me concieve baby #2. Good luck to all and try this out it might help!


Melissa - June 3

Hey Anna. I tried that this month and never have before. Let's see. :-)


Melissa - June 3

Ya know what I wonder though. My pelvic is tilted so I wonder if it will work with me or not.


Anna - June 3

I hope it works for you! how long have you been trying?


Anna - June 3

Hey Melissa, I think i seen your name before, how long have you been on this website? I think it's wonderful to have this!



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