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Tara M - July 3

O.K. if you are having problems trying to conciev follow these steps it may work it worked for me 2 times first try no doubt it will work for you. ok so first find a ovulation calendar on the web put in your last period dates, and it will show you your fertile days. then go by that have intercourse on the day before your most fertile. and after having sex place yourself so you can have to feet in the air no joke just do it , against a wall or hold yourself up by your hips. do this for a good 5-10 min then you can go get cleaned up. ok this actually worked for me both times first try!!! NO JOKE i planned my second pregnancy so that i would have my baby around christmas i am due now on dec 28/2006 so good luck and please let me know if it worked for all is in the timing !!! you have to give the sperm a chance to get where it needs to be i would like to hear back from those who do try this trust me you will be pregnant!!!!!!


soimpatient - July 4

Um...thanks for the advice...but it is easier said than done. I've tried every little "trick" like this and nothing has worked, no joke. I am now struggling with fertility treatment. Some of us need scientific approaches to help fertility. I am happy that you did not have to struggle with fertility treatments.


bl - July 4

If it were only that easy! Soimpatient, you wrote exactly what I was thinking.


Tracy88 - July 4

I've had my legs up in the air for a year and hasn't worked for me yet.


Tara M - July 4

sorry if it doesn't work but for those who do not have a fertility prob;em this is the method that will work. i am really sorry and did not mean to step on anyones toes. this is just my personal experince and it worked for me and i was hoping it would work for someone else sorry again


kristina1980 - July 4

Hi Tara M, I didn't try it yet, but I'll give it try. I don't think you stepped on anybody toes, but the truth it, that it can be really depressing, and frustrating after TTC for so long. I'll let you know if it worked for me.


cantwait - July 4

We have no "fertility problems", both of us have been poked and prodded and tested after ttc for a year with no answers. I've tried putting my legs in the air plus every other position that claims to ensure success. Maybe you're just lucky you got pg when you wanted.


Tammy276 - July 4

My husband grabbed me by my ankes and shook me upside down when I get pregnant with my son......No joke. He did it a second time and I got preg., but it ended it a m/c. It really isn't a "method" otherwise there would be millions of pregnant ladies out there if it were that easy. I think we just got lucky those months!! I would just advise not getting up right away and going to the bathroom, but its not like you have to do a headstand or anything!! Good luck to everyone!



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