try not to stress (as easy as thats said than done)
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yumymumy - May 10

been ttc for almost a year. it took 2 n half yrs with my son. so i thought to go to the doc, turns out after alot of blood tests iv ovulated 3 times since july 06... and my hormone level is normal, so she refered me to a specialist becasue shes worried i have cysts (wich i was also worried about) i know of 2 people personaly that have PCOS so iv heard a bit about it. the last week iv had horrible abdominal pain almost thinking maybe im pregnant its like i started believing i am to a point but today the doctor told me all my symptoms match up to a stomach ulcer, since i have a well balanced diet its probably caused by stress, tense and being anxious all the time due to all this TTC stuff..... i feel a sigh of relief now i know where things are headed i nthat im going to finaly get some insight to whats going on with me. but i also feel down that iv caused myself a painful ulcer... its so hard not to think about TTC when you are trying TTC but its not good on yourself when it becomes stressful. in my case i do think about it alot im not depressed but im always thinking about it and i basicaly fell pregnant to a ulcer from it. i need to lighten up and for all you ladies who get anxious or stressed from it all (as hard as it sounds) really try not to for your own health. im on medication now and i hope this things goes soon so i feel alright. hopefuly i get in at the specialist real soon, let you know what hapens. baby dust to you all~ goodluck


yumymumy - May 10

i forgot to add for my overall hormonal bloodt test result she said it was higher than usual, now she knows im trying to fall pregnant and knows im having difficulty. she said i was probably actualy ovulating at the time of the blood test. would this be true or would this be the beginings of a pregnancy with my hormones rising? i just thought of this, what do you think?



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