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SaraLynn - April 26

I know this is going to sound crazy, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months now with no success. I've never been able to stay in bed afterwards, I always have to get up right away and change the sheets. I've even tried doing it with pillows under my butt, but it seems like everything comes oozing out after, no matter what. Is that my problem? Is his sperm falling out and not getting where it's going? Someone please give me an answer.


Tracy88 - April 27

The funny thing is, I asked my doctor the same question. He did a post coital test on me though and said that he saw plenty of DH's litttle swimmers in there, so don't worry about some falling out. The best method I have found so far to keep those bad boys in is to have the pillow under my butt, but also to put my legs straight up in the air before DH even pulls out. Then keep them up for as long as possible. I use that time as a way to stretch my legs:))))) I know it all sounds so silly, but hey, I would have sex upside down if I could bear it!!!!


SaraLynn - April 27

Thanks, Tracy88! I guess we'll just have to keep trying and see where we get.


Ericka - April 27

I have the same problem and I think it is very common. My RE told me it was because my dh has a very high volume. What I did was during bd'ing I would put a towel underneath me and like Tracy, I would put my legs up before dh pulls out. When I would finally put my legs down, even if it was 15 minutes later there is always some that falls out. The towel was there to catch it and not ruin the sheets.


SerineMali - April 27

Hey, I've got the same problem. I use to have to pee right after and that obviously decreased the chances, now I just stick two pillows under my butt and just hang out for like 15-20 minutes. I can't stay longer than that I get bored. I suggest just listening to music so the time can pass by faster. My DH, I love him but he gets bored hanging out in bed and is usally very sleepy aftewards! Even after I get up, some still comes out, just know there are some still up there somewhere. Try not sneeze or cough either... Good luck....



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