Trouble getting pregnant
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babygyrl - December 1

I'm a young woman, in my child bearing years. My boyfriend of almost 2 years, we have been trying to concieve. Having only one sexual partner in my life, does that mean my vaginal walls are not open enough to recieve sperm? Also, his penis is not that large. We have tried the missionary and "doggy style" position. I have never been on birth control. I'm confused, help?


J.D. - December 1

hi my name is jen.if you don't mind me asking;how old are you?have ya'll been trying to conceive for the whole 2 yrs?the doctors say it takes "normal"couple 9-12 months to conceive.i don't think it matters how many partners you've had because i've heard of girls getting pregnant their first time and i don't think penis size matters that much.i've heard that the missionary position is the best because when the guy ejaculates he does it deep inside really should just go see your doctor ;-)


babygyrl - December 1

I'm 22 years of age and my boyfriend is 25. I was a little embarassed to go to the dr I thought it was kinda silly and then I know that young women are fertile and I had such a hard time


babygyrl - December 1

oh we have been trying to concieve since may or june of this year


J.D. - December 1

you are not being silly. i had a ton of questions when i first went to the doc.i would give it a little more time.any doc you go to is going to say you have to try naturally for at least a year before they will try to figure out what's wrong.good luck ;-)


babygyrl - December 1

I just thought it would be so easy since I'm young and suppose to be fertile but I guess give or take waiting a year is sufficient. I just personally thought that maybe his penis size or my vaginal walls was too tight for his sperm to reach me.


J.D. - December 1

yeah i thought it would be sooooooo easy because we are both young.well here we are 4 yrs later and still trying.


babygyrl - December 1

may I ask your age? Have you tried any alternatives? I thought maybe I should start taking prenatal vitamins....


Tink - December 1

vaginal walls per say shouldn't affect it, nor penis size. size has nothing to do with it. now the sperm inside him could be an issue- the shape could be off so they can't penetrate your egg (morphology) or they don't swim well to reach your egg (motility). but that doesn't have anything to do with penis size at all. i know i did have a tiny entrance to my cervix. when i had an HSG test done to check my tubes, they had a hard time getting the syringe in to shoot the die, same with my first IUI, they couldn't find the entrance, it was much tinier than normal, that could have been preventing my DH's sperm from entering the cervix and caused problems for me. but that has nothing to do with sexual partners etc. It could be so many things. If you have been trying over 2 years, i would seek help from your ob/gyn and then perhaps a specialist. it could be as simple as your guy doing a sperm analysis to make sure it isn't him. it could be so many things or it could be nothing and it is just taking long. good luck


babygyrl - December 1

we have been together for almost 2 years but we have been trying for about 4-5 months. What do you think about the prenatal vitmain thing?


angelkitty - December 1

Tink, I had the same problem with my cervix!! We found out when my HSG was done!!


babygyrl - December 1

Angel Kitty what type of problems have you had if you dont' mind me asking?


tonyaandjoe - December 1

my cousin thought it was her to and it was her husband. his motility was 7 then he took some vitamins from the gnc and his motility went to 36 or 46 then she ended up preggers


GoldenChild - December 2

I just thought maybe taking prenatal vitamins of the folic acid might help me....what do ya'll think?


babygyrl - December 2

I wonder would taking prenatal or folic acid would help?


slowpoke01 - December 3

prenatals dont increase your chances of getting pregnant, but some women seem to think it does because if you have a vitamin deficientcy prenatals can correct that and that may help you get pregnant. if you have only been trying for 4 months dont worry so much. buy some of those ovulation tests and start taking them to see if/when you are ovulating. it may just be that you arent having intercourse at the right time of the month. i would also look for other signs like cervical mucus and maybe temping with a basal body thermometer to make sure that you are ovulating. when you use the ovulation tests if you get a faint + on it then start having intercourse until you have no+ on it. this will increase your chances alot. good luck


angelkitty - December 3

I had a very smal cervical opening - so small that it was hard to do my hsg. My doc said he thought that had been part of our problem.



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