trouble conceiving plz help me
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blondie - July 6

I need some help please. I had unprotected sex last nigth, side to side position as I was told it is a good one for ttc, I just used a early response Ovulation test and my test line is much much darker than the control line. I am not sure if that means I have already ovulated as it says that once it is darker then the control you can stop testing for this cycle. Any idea what the chances of me conceiving last night would be?


C - July 7

Blondie, your chances of conceiving last night is pretty good. When the surge is detected then ovulation will happen with in 12- 34 hours. Sperm lives for 3-5 days. So you may just become pregnant. Good Luck! :)


BLONDIE - July 7

:) :) :)

Thats what I am hoping for, anyone know anything I can do at this point to encourage it?


blondie - July 7

I tested with another opk this morning and now the test line is very faint, less than half of what the control line is. Does this mean that ovulation has now already occurred?

Trying to figure out if i ttc on the night of July 5, and test first with opk on the 6th around 5pm and very strong positive and now 7am on july 7 opk much, much weaker than last night. How likely is it I could be preg? Also how soon would I be able to take a HPT as I dont want to take it too early. Thaks to anyone who can help me!


kc - July 7

as a rule of thumb: you will receive a darker line during the lh surge. Which lasts 24 hours. The Lh hormone tells your ovaries to release an egg (ovulation) Ovulation occurs 24 to 36 hours after the lh surge. Your best chances for conception are the two days before and the day of ovulation. Eventhough the line is faint the next day you should still bd. Some recomend bding the day after ovulation just incase you ovulate twice that month. When you o twice it is usually within 24 hours of each other. I hope this helps. Your chances sound good. Lots of baby dust and I hope you have good news in two weeks.


blondie - July 7

Is it possible that I could have conceived the night of the 5th though? As the opk was very positive the afternoon of the 6th? I ask this because we are ttc, but dh left fo rwork outside of town for a few days thats why we had to bd the 5th and cant again this cycle :(


chicks - July 7

Hi Blondie! Yep, it is very possible to get pregnant. Sperm are supposed to be able to live in there for up to 3 days (from what I've read) so if you had sex on the 5th and ovulated on the 6th, the possibility that there were sperm waiting there for the egg to be released, your chances are good should everything go right.. Good luck to you!


blondie - July 7

Thanks Chicks!! Thas what I am hoping for would be nice :) Had to go to the dr this morning as have not been feeling well last few days she says I got strep throat again mind you my throat doesn't hurt at all, so not sure I am gonig to take the meds she gave me, I also told her about bd and my ov this month but she claims that sine my last shot of depo was in sept 04 there is no chance I will get pregnant. I had not been on BC since then and have had regular cycles for the last 5 months, other then I was 6 days early for this one AF was supposed to arrive july 3 and well got a very light and unusal AF on june 27


blondie - July 8

I am new to the whole chartting on the CM and cervix positioning. I tested with an opk at 6pm or so on the night of July 6 the test line was much darker than the control line, tested again on the 7th at 10am then 9pm test lines very light compared to the 6th, so ovulated late nite of the 6th. I had thought that right after ovulation your CM takes a drastic drop and gets sticky and cervix starts to lower and become hard again. however mine is still very high, soft and lots of EWCM. Can anyone please help me I am sooo confussed and cant find any information on this. THanks.


C - July 8

Blondie...the cm and cervical position could just still be higher due to ovulation, it can take a few days for the cervix to come down, and the cm can stay ike ew for a few days as well, becoming a little thicker each day. If there is not chnage soon you may be pregnant. I hate to say it but you will just have to wait it out and see if af arrives or not. Best wishes and baby dust to you. ! :)


Ashwini - July 8

If the test line is darker than control line that means you will ovulate in 24-36 hours. So to increase chance of conceiving try today.

Best luck.


BUMP - July 9



blondie - July 9

Well 11pm tonight and checked again no longer EWCM, still alot of CM but more clumpy (ie wont stretch, etc....) does this provide any info to when I would have actually ovulated???


C - July 9

I think you ovulated on the 7th. It can take 2 days for the cm to change ( due to what some sites and books say). So maybe this will be your month....good luck


blondie - July 9

Thanks C! CM is the same this mornnig as it was last night, still high and soft too. Does anyone know what happens if you have conceived?


BLONDIE - July 9

I am really confussed with the OPK's I had a very strong positive result on them july 6, along with the EWCM, CM changes on the 8th, now more sticky but still lots of it, negative on OPK's on both the 7th and 8th. Now today the 9th at 5:45pm, another very strong positive on OPK, I am talking solid dark line in 30 seconds. Can someone please help me??



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