Trouble conceiving clomid perscribed
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baby wanted - July 14

hello. my husband and i have been trying to conceive for almost a year now. i have been diagnosed with pcos and my doctor perscribed clomid. i have some reservations due to the fact that i am affraid of risks for the baby and me. is a miscarrage more likely? how much more common are multiple births? is there any rist to me? what are the risks to the baby? how long does it normally take to get pregnant? i would appreciate any insight. thanks


Lena - July 15

Clomid is merely a synthetic catalyst for hormones your body produces. The side effects can be a nuisance, but overall its a very safe drug. (Advil is more damaging to a pregnancy than clomid) Its been used extensively for decades so its effects longterm and in a large sample are known. Not many drugs can claim this. The main risk of clomid are enlarged cysts and hyperstimulation of the ovaries. A miscarriage is not more likely as clomid dissipates quickly from the body. No risk to your baby either for the same reason. Multiple births can occur but the % is very small. I believe its below 10%. The length of time to conceive varies from individual to individual. Some woman use clomid have no IF problems and are prescribed clomid to regulate their cycle or produce multiple follicles for IUI. Other woman are prescribed clomid because they have IF problems. Good luck!!



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