Trigger shot experiences...
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DB - May 6

Did your doc's tell you to wait the full 2 weeks before testing??? I had a 250unit ovridel shot yesterday..I think that is on the low side, so I am wondering if it really takes 2 weeks to completely leave your system..I am a test-a-holic and I would've normally testing around 12dpo, but now I know I should wait,but I also know it's gonna be very hard!! When did everyone else's leave their system??????


Ann1 - May 6

DB, the longest I've heard you should wait is 10 days past the hcg shot. I know that, with the 10,000 unit shots, the average person metabolizes 1,000 units/day. I don't know how the 250 microgram shot compares to the 10,000 "unit" shots, but I don't think it would be longer. Your dr is just probably being conservative. I took the 250 Ovidrel on Thursday. I am a testaholic as well, and I think I may take a test/day starting tomorrow. Then I will know when the shot hcg is gone and I can see if it starts to come back positive. Good luck!


Ann1 - May 6

Also, I have taken a hpt at 9dpo after hcg shot and did not get a false positive.


DB - May 6

Thanks, I figured 250mcg was on the low end of hcg shots, so I figured it would be gone in a week. Well, knowing me i'll test at 10dpo-14dpo!! I have on follicle on each side, so i'm praying one of them will get with some sperm!!


DB - May 6

oops, I meant one follicle on each side.


Ann1 - May 7

DB, I had one follie on each side, too, that released eggs for sure. There was one other the dr said might release. Did you have iui on Friday? Are you on clomid? My iui was Saturday morning. i was going to take a hpt this morning to see the false positive, and I can't find the bag of hpts I bought!!


DB - May 7

No, I am not doing IUI yet, I think she wants us to do two more cycles if this one doesn't work and then move onto IUI. I am concerned about my lack of CM...I have NO ewcm at all. Oh, and yes, I have pcos so I am on clomid 100mg (5-9) this cycle. I pop so many pills everyday it's crazy..Metformin, baby asprin, mucinex, estrace, pnv...Were you on clomid too with IUI???



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