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Lilly2 - February 19

I had IUI on fryday and it was my CD12.Nurse gave my trigger shot at 8 in the morning and inseminate me about 1 afternoon.She said I will O within 24-38 hours after trigger.Today is sunday, 8.30 in the evening and my OPK now is with hot red two lines??!!!!Is anyone happend this?Is that mean I havent ovulated yet???Had one large follies left 19mm and right 23 mm follie or cyst and two smaller follies on each sides10 and 15.She couldnt mesure properly becose screen wasnt clear probably some tissues what she means.Than all washed semen from fryday 1pm could survive for just 24-72 hours.I am confused with this and what is going on????Please someone answer me I am so worried.


Becca - February 19

Because you were given the trigger shot of hcg- the pg hormone- you will be able to turn an OPK or PG test positive until it is out of your system. A pg woman can get a positive on an OPK. My RE usually averages that ovulation happens 36 hours after trigger shot. Hope this helps! Good luck on the IUI, Mine was almost 2 weeks ago and I go in to test on Tuesday. Baby dust!


lilly2 - February 19

Becca thank you so much.I wish you best of luck and big fet +++++++PT++++++, please keep informing.Blessings and hugs


tina - February 20

we trigger one day and dont do iui's until the next day and 2 days later. They gear them so that we are given one iui before ovulation and one after. I have never heard of giving the shot the same day as the iui but I agree with Becca that the opk will show positive from the hcg shot and if you test 10 days later you can still possibly get the hcg shot giving you a false positive on your preg test so wait at least 11 or 12 days after the shot before you use an hpt or you might get a false positive.


lilly - February 20

Tina, thank you.I am not proffetional in IUI but my logyc is tellig me I had no good timed IUI.Red on different sites and all is so similar like you explained.Probably the nurse couldnt feet me for suturday, becose clinic is closed and just one doctor on duty, so shes done it the same day just 5 hours after trigger shot.I am so angry and frustated and dont think this is fair what shes done to me.I think this month I will before become the quin then pregnant!But waithing next month I will definitly argue if she is again the one who will inseminate me next time.Thanks girlls one again, good luck whatever you doing.XXXX


Lynn - February 20

Lilly2....did the nurse do the IUI or did the RE? I understand there is only one doctor but you are paying that doctor to do this for you. I would go in with lots of questions before having another one. I had 2 IUI's.......the first one in Feb 2005, the nurse did. When I did not get prego, I questioned lots of things and actually left the clinic for a break. When returning in August of 2005, the doctor did the IUI and I got pregnant. It turned out to be an ectopic but........I think they know better what is going on. Just a suggestion to ask about. I take the trigger shot 36 hours before the IUI. My clinic only does 1 IUI a cycle. Just ask lots of questions if your not happy. Depending on which trigger you took, depends on how long it could remain in your system.


Lilly2 - February 21

Lynn, thanks for your reply, so sorry for your uncessesfull pregnancy.You are right and the same I said to may darling.Sometimes doctor just want to do in a hurry and I think nurse didnt schedule me for suturday becos clinic is closed and monday may be too late.I wish she did IUI on suturday insteed friday.Iasked so many questions, but as you said, they should now better.I am totally flat now.Good luck to you and lots of baby dust to all.



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