Tried for 7 months now and nothing..just giving up!
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Sarah - April 9

Well, I got my dose of Clomid and now were trying, we will see in a few weeks if were pregnant..I hope this works!


Jessica - May 3

I have a little girl and when I got pregnant with her 2 1/2 years ago it took me like 7 months to get pregnant. Well now my husband and I want a baby and he is in the military and I dont want to have to wait that long b/c we want to concieve just incase he happens to have to go back overseas. Any tips on how to get pregnant we are both healty 23 year olds.


Still Trying - May 3

We have only been trying for 4 months but I didn't expect to take even this long. When you least expect will happen. Keep your chin up.


Amy - May 3

Hello everyone. I used to be on the depo shot. my last shot was september of last year. I have not been ttc but i do want another child. my husband is considering. we have a 3 year old son right now, although, my husband is not his birth father. he is daddy though. anyhow, for the past week or little longer, i have been feeling some of the symptoms of pregnancy. I am not sure if i am pregnant or if it is just my cycle trying to get back to normal. I bled last week very very light and slightly brownish. It stopped completely on thursday april 28th. so far, i have not bled any since then. I have had some more frequent pains last night and today in my lower stomach. it hurts when i cough or even when i laugh. i do not know if it is just in my head that i may be pregnant, but i can not even lay comfortably on my stomach anymore. anyhow, i wish everyone here the best of luck and just not give up. sometimes the worrying is what causes the delays. i am trying my best to not think of it. it has helped a little getting on here and reading what others have had to say. anyhow, good luck to you all. take care!


milissa - May 3

Have you tried putting pillows under your butt and having your legs up in the air, do this for about 20 - 30 mins after sex..good luck


Harry - May 4

Its only been 7 months, that's seems like a long time but its really not that bad. You just have to be patient. Start practicing now cause if you do ever have kids you are going to need lots of it.


~kat~ - May 4

ive been ttc for 5 months now and so far nothing,im going to have blood tests tomorrow as my periods have been lighter and shorter since december,so hoping theres no problems there.i know how you are all feeling,i just want a baby sooo bad!


Jay - May 4

I have been trying for 9 months and no show still not pregnant. My dr. states everything with me and my husband are just fine how long does it take. Is anyone out their in the same situation


Rachy - May 4

Hi Everyone, we have been ttc for 3 months. I cannot believe how strong the preg signs were this month! i had pain from ovulation.Got period today. sob sob.. Im off to Dr in 3 days.My plan is the ovulation kits now and legs in air. Im 38. Anyone else my age? I have 2 kids 11 and 8.


Sarah - May 16

Hey everyone I haven't replyed in a while but my husband and I are very pregnant now. I'm 10 weeks along and carrying TWINS..woo hoo! I'm am probaly the most happiest person ever!


VICKY - May 16




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