Tried for 7 months now and nothing..just giving up!
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Sarah - April 2

My husband and I have tried to get pregnant since October when we were 4 months married.We always wanted a baby.There is nothing wrong with my husband or me! This has been how long my cycles have been since November up until March: 33,38,35 and 31.I got my period on March 1st- 7th.And,March 31st I got it again! We really thought we were pregnant this time because I got nausea,breast tenderness since day 20 (which was abnormal for me), bloating, fatigue,headaches,dizzyness.I wasn't expecting my period until about the 6th or 7th.It really hurt us when I got my period.But, we just don't know what else to do, it seems as tho the sperm just flies by my egg and stops to say hey and then just keeps on going.I used to smoke and so did he but we stopped.I've been on prenatal vitamins since February when I also thought I was pregnant.I got pregnant when I was 18 but it ended in miscarriage around 4-5 weeks.We, just don't know what to do anymore.What can we do to lift out spirts and try again? We, are healthy don't smoke,drink we eat good!


Kitten!! - April 2

Sarah, don't give up. conceiving is very hard. I've been trying for 8 months!! I already have a baby boy. I am soooooooooo blessed. But now we want a lil girl, too. Hang in there. All of us here are also having difficulties. Heres a lil bit of info I found on a site. The average woman takes about 8 months to conceive. Now, I was on Depo for 1 and a half years, and they say it can take up to 18 months for depo to get out of your system. But some ppl off depo have been trying for YEARS to get pregnant. All we can do is stick together and hope and pray that God sends us a lil piece of Heaven. And when we do get our bundles of joy, cherish them and remember how much we wanted them and how hard it was to cinceive them. Hang in there. Talk alot with your hubby. Were all here for you!!
*************BABY DUST to you!!********


May - April 2

You should get your thyroid levels checked. Some of those pregnancy symptoms and screwed up periods are directly related to your thyroid and your thyroid directly effects your fertility!!!


dawn - April 2

Hi! I feel your pain. I couldn't get pregnant for over 2 years. It is very painful. Have you ever had your hormone levels checked. Sometimes womens progesterone level is too low. That is was causes a lot of miscarages. My periods were very not regular at all. I had a friend who had tried for several years to get preg. and tried some natural things. She was preg. in 2 months. She told me about it and I was preg. in 2 1/2 months. I have a very healthy 19 month boy who is the joy of our lives. I have been telling everyone I know about this and it has worked for all of them! I would love to give you the information if you want it.


Sarah - April 2

Thank ya'll so much! It is just so hard not to conceive for 7 months.Like I said my fertility and my husbands fertility is great! Were just not conceiving.Dawn I would love to know my email is [email protected]


sas - April 2

If you have being trying since October then your only coming up to your 6 month of trying but i'm sure to you if feels longer. Your cycles are quite long (but not abnormal) Have you and your husband had all the checks? If so howcome? as it is very early for doctors to check your fertility status if you've only been trying for a few months. If not the first thing to do is make sure your ovulating. Try opk , monitor your bb temp and test your cm. This can keep you busy for the next couple of months and what ever the outcome of these go to the doctors then with your all evidence. And take if from there. Well this is my plan as i'm in a similar situation to you.. We have been trying since dec my cycles are also the same as yours. so i started to check if i was ovulating this cycle and I just got a positve opk. I was so excited! image what i will be like when i have a BFN on a HPT. Def don't give up yet its 6/7 months is early days. Keep us posted? p.s how old are you now?


dawn - April 2

sarah, i tried to email you, but it came back and said that mail could not be delivered. Maybe you could send me something and I could reply. [email protected]


Kila - April 3

Dawn what kind of natural things did you try?


Sarah - April 3

Okay, Dawn I sent you an email using my hotmail account.
Sas, well I'm 25 and my husband is 26.My ob/gyn told me to see a fertility specalist when I try to conceive.Because, when I was 18 and I miscarriage because some of hormonal imbalance.At certain times my hormones will go crazy and go real low and real high.Probaly about once a year.My body is so messed up.So, we saw a ferility specialist when we started trying to conceive and I'm on medicine to maintain my hormones to normal, but the medicine does not affect your fertility at all! They said I should have no problem now that was about 6/7 months ago and still nothing.My husband is fine tho, I'm fertile but just not conceiving.Anyone else had this? I can't wait till this period is over so we can try again because really want a child!


dawn - April 3

to Kila... i can email you all the info. if you want. It was 2 things. Angelica Root and Hers. If you want to email me I can send you the info or you can give me your email. my email is [email protected]


sz - April 3

hi shira. my name is also shira. i have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now and no luck. I went to get checked and the doctor told me that everything looks good. I am 26 years old and so is my husband. We are healthy and on top of it all i get my period every month on the same day. Everything seems to be even more then great.....but for some reason i just can't get pregnant........I am not giving up though because i know that one day i will. I like you, have the hardest time everytime i get my period. I cry and close myself in my room for about two days. I can't wait to get pregnant!!!! Good luck to the both of us and hang in there.


Sarah - April 3

To Shira.I guess when we do get pregnant we will be so happy.If, I get pregnant oneday I think I might jump off a building..*haha*.I guess the longer it takes to get pregnant the better, because your joy and hope is just building up inside of you each month, and you know when you get pregnant all that joy and hope is going to come out.I guess when this period is over, its been 4 days now, I should be off in 2-3 days and we can start trying again.Best of luck to you and me!


shira - April 4

hey. we'll i'm past my ovulation time and in a week and a half is the date i get my period- so now all i have left to do is to wait and hope. like you said all the luck to both of us. Although i am very skeptic.It just seems like something too good to be true. I wish that i am though. I can't wait to feel that excitment..........I will keep you up-dated, and please let me know how things are going for you!!!!


Char - April 4

Hi Sarah, we can b buddies - coz my DH & I also tried gettin pregnant since Oct but till now, nothin. false preg alarm for the last mths where i was delayed for 2 mths & u can imagine too how disappt we r when my period came. BUT don give up! both DH & I tryin to make it a lively issue so tat u won feel obliged to make love & still enjoyin w each other. Let's hope we can get good news SOON!


Sarah - April 4

Thanks Char and Shira.I'm off my period now, been 5 days already and I'm going to get a dose of Clomid next week to kinda boose out chances.My aunt had a small does of Clomid because her eggs were a little immature, and that little does gave her 7! I hope that doesn't happen, but we've tried this long, better 7 then none.I will keep ya'll updated!


Kim - April 6

Dont try and it happens


Sarah - April 9

Well, I got my dose of Clomid and now were trying, we will see in a few weeks if were pregnant..I hope this works!



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