Treatment of Inadequate Endometrium
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Suzanne - February 9

I have been ttc for 9 months and my doctor has recently suggested an endometrial biopsy due to my short and light periods. If i am found to have an inadequate "lining", he suggested some sort of hormones. Has anyone been treated for this or does anyone know if these hormones are the ones that come with the risk of multiple babies? I really can't see myself with twins...Please help. Thanks.


Mega - February 9

My guess is some sort of estrogen, or estrogen patches. My lining was pretty thin on Clomid so when I went on 150 mgs of Clomid my dr had me use 4 estrogen patches (videlle dots), which are primarily prescribed for menopasual women to controll hot flashes. When I used the patches my lining was really think & my periods would be much heavier than usual. However the patches also seemed to lower my progesterone, ironically, which caused new issues. But I don't know if that was really related to the patches or not. But I'd expect Estrogen is the hormone your dr was referring to. Estrogen by itself wouldn't increase your risk of multiples, fertility drugs might though. Good luck. Let us know what the dr says when you get your results back, Suzanne.


Suzanne - February 9

Thank you so much!


Mega - February 10

You're welcome! When are you having the endometrial biopsy? Good luck!



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