Treatment for a thin lining?
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LT - January 10

Hi, trying to conceive with husband since Oct '04. Have tried prog supplements, Clomid (3 cycles) and now will have a laproscopy next month after I get rid of the cyst formed from the Clomid. I have had a thin lining when they have done the ultasounds (5-6mm), and they think it's b/c of the Clomid. I am pretty sure that I have had this problem since I went off the pill based on lack of good flow (only brown for months). Anybody also have this and taken meds or other interventions to get pregnant?


isa - January 10

Hi LT I suffered the same problems twice with clomid and both months the doc had to put me on estrogen pills to boost my lining (which it did within a day or 2) so that i was still ok to go ahead with the iui's but he has decided to no longer give me clomid because of the thinning. It is a very common occurrence with clomid. I was told they want lining at least 7mm or higher. The med I was on was called estradiol and the 2 months I was on it i was on different amounts. I got it prescribed on cd10 both times. I also got cysts (4 follicular) after the 2nd month and we had to cancel my 3rd cycle. My cycle was 40days long and I ovulated day 29 and when af came it was much heavier but my cysts were all gone so this is a natural cycle with iui's since I couldnt be monitored with meds over the xmas holidays. Hope i've helped out some. If not pg this month and no cysts I will probably go back on my injections (just this time without the clomid).


isa - January 10

oh by the way the 40 day cycle was due to the cysts, I normally have a quite regular 26-28 day cycle and ovulate around cd13,14 on my own.


Mega - January 10

Like Isa I also had to use estrogen in conjunction with Clomid. My dr though prescribed the Vivadelle dots estrogen patches, I wore 4 at a time from first day after I finished Clomid until the day of my IUI. My dr prescribed the patches when I was upped to 150 mgs of Clomid, it did appear to help a bit.


Becca - January 11

I took estrace to help with my thin lining that was a result of the clomid but like Isa they no longer want me to take clomid because it is better if you can get a good thick lining on your own.


LT - January 11

Hi all, thanks for the responses. I also was prescribed an estrogen supplement (pill) for my 3rd and final cycle and it didn't help with any of my symptoms (thin lining, hot flashes). The thing is considering I since I stopped taking the progresterone supplements back in august, I have not had any red in my menstrual flow, it's been all brown and lite-to-moderate. 2 docs have now told me that my lining is just not building up enough to give me a true flow. I'm just not sure if it is separate from or in combination with the Clomid side-effects. B/c of my cyst this month, I am taking BCPs for 1 month, then a laproscopy w/ HSG early next cycle. Can this help stimulate the lining to grow at all?



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