Transvaginal Ultrasound
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jen - December 20

I had TU done around May of '04 because I had a pain in my pelvic area - nothing showed up. A TU can also be used to check problems of infertility. My dh and I are now ttc. It has been 1 year that we are trying. my doctor said that I don't have to go for the TU again since I had questions is....if I had the TU to check my pelvic area, would I need to go back to test for infertility or would something have shown up if there was a problem?


ashlee - December 20

hi jen, im no doctor, but i think if there was a problem that it would have shown up. And since your doctor told you that you do not have to go for another one might be a good sign that nothing else had shown up. But if you are really feeling unsure about it, i suggest you go and get a second oppinion just to be sure and put your mind at ease. Good luck!


me - December 20

A transvaginal ultrasound can give drs a better view of your ovaries and uterus. It cannot detect blockages or stuff like that. In my opinion, I would go to an RE if you haven't already and begin testing to make sure everything is in working order for both you and your hubby. Once that is done, bloodwork and such can be done to determine if you areo vulating properly and the eggs are good quality if you in fact are ovulating. One year is long enough in my opinion. Good luck!


medi12 - December 21

I dont know much about transvaginal untrasounds, but I just started seeing a OB/GYN who specializes in infertility. There are a whole slew of tests that can be done to test infertility. There is the one ( cant remember the name) where they inject dye that can assist them in identifying cysts, polyps, blockages, etc. There is also a procedure where they go in ( similar to a D&C ) and clear everything out. You can also have a laparosopy, too. In addition, they can test your hormones and see if you are producing enough hcg, or progesterone. I would suggest talking to another dr and getting another opinion.


Melissa - December 21

I agree totally with the other posts. I had an HSG & transvaginal done at the same time. Only the HSG can show tube blockage & the ultrasound can only show cysts & other "abmormalities". I have had 2 recent tu's, and was also told that a tu cannot show endometriosis. If I were you, I would probably see another doctor if you are ready to start testing for more possibilites causing your infertility---I have always heard after a year doctors will start trying to see what is wrong.



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