Traditional Chinese Medicine - Is anyone taking?
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Sann - May 11

Hi ladies... : ) I'm new to this board ... : ) All you ladies seem so friendly and nice here. I was wondering if anyone of you are taking any Chinese Medicine or seeing a TCM physician to help with fertilty issues . I've been seeing one and taking Chinese medicine since Jan 05, I got pregnant in Jun 05 but MC in Aug 05. And Dh & I been ttc again since Nov 05. I would like to know if anyone had been successful with Chinese medicine cos it has worked for me on "the getting pregnant "part but was unable to carry to term. Is it taking to long for the medicine to work? BTW, I have some problem loging in after registering so I will only be able to repond by posting a new question .... sorry : ( Any information/experience /repond would be totally appreciated. Thanks & Gos Bless : ) : ) : )


rmaddox - May 11

What do you mean Chinese medicine. What all are you doing...I have been reading this forum for awhile but not really posted anything. I am just trying to find out something that might help my husband and myself...


Native Girl - May 13

Hi there! I did take the chinese herbs given to me by a lady who did accupuncture. I think it had some peony in it and some other herbs that I can't remember. The outcome? Successful. I was also on clomid so I am not sure if that had anything to do with it but I am sure it helped. I have had two miscarriages and now I am 20 weeks pregnant. Good luck!


shen - May 14

hi...i'm on chinese herbs...before taking the herbs, i've tried clomid, iuis, injectables, and even ovarian drilling but to no avail...since on the herbs, my spotting stopped (i have only spotting without period) which i think is effective for me....and i think i'm ovulating too :) i was recommended by a friend to this lady who sold me the herbs...i wrote to her at [email protected]



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