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lovemy3 - November 10

Hi there, Just me from other board. Thought I'd move over here for a bit. Our other thread is quite busy and sometimes hard to keep up. How are you feeling? how is your morning sickness. Everything else ok? CD18 here and still no positive opk for some reason and no cm either. very strange. Only 12 days till I get af. I hope you are well, hugs


Tracy88 - November 10

LM3-- I know this sounds terrible, but I was thinking of starting my own thread somewhere else anyway because the pregnancy board has me stressed out. I tend to keep coming back to my old friends over here because at least on the infertility board I don't have to hear about other pregnant women bleeding and stuff. It just keeps me on edge and always looking for the worst to happen. I know I'm pregnant and I was one of the ones who wrote in about bleeding, but it gets harder to get through this stuff the more I have to continue to read about it. Am I making any sense? So, cd18 and still not even a positive surge? Do you take your temp in the morning? I honestly never did that, but I really think you should start if you can. Charting your temps will help you start recognizing if there's a pattern or anything going on. You said you have 12 days till you get AF......does it come like clockwork even if you ovulate late? or if you ovulate late does it make AF a little later? You may not be ovulating every month. Even women younger than us have months during which ovulation does not occur. You know, I thought about it this sister in law is 28 and it took her 9 months to get PG after stopping the pill, so it just may be taking you some time this go around. My theory is I think you should just chill and don't get down every time you get AF because I think one of these times you will be pleasantly surprised and you'll see, that in the big picture it wasn't that long after all. I will contradict my advice here too......get some bloodwork done on your FSH, Thyroid and glucose resistance. That can be done through your gynecologist. Many times after women have kids, their thyroid gets knocked out of whack, it's always good to get that stuff checked. Anyway, I am rambling on this morning. I thought for sure I was going to get a migraine last night again and that I'd end up in the ER, but thank the universe I was so wrong. I slept like a log and woke up feeling awesome this morning. I am going to see my mom today, so I will check in on you this evening. Oh, and what time of day are you doing the OPK? I have the Clearblue fertility monitor and that thing is awesome! Sometimes you can find them on ebay for a good price. I got mine in the regular store and it was expensive, but very well worth every penny.


lovemy3 - November 10

Hey there, Thanks for the advice. I understand about the stress getting to you on the board. I thought I'd come over here as KD and I are really the only ones not pregnant yet and thought I'd meet some other people as well, then I saw your post. I haven't tempted before, i should i suppose. I have had my thyroid checked and a glucose test. Not sure if thats the same. These were just in a general yearly physical in June. I always get my af between 28 and 31 days and have always shown a positive opk around day 18. I think your advice for just chillin' is the best advice- now if I could just do it-lolol. Thanks and maybe we can keep in touch over here XOXO


Tracy88 - November 10

I know "chillin" is easier said than done, I've been there, but I guess I really believe it will happen for you in due time. I just don't want you stressing. The funny thing about the threads for me is that I almost don't know where I belong. I'm pregnant but not comfortable being on the pregnancy boards during such a volitle time in out pregnancies, but I also need the comradery and advice. What should I do?


lovemy3 - November 10

Gosh, I don't know. Maybe its really comfortable here on this board, cuz you've had friends here for a long time while ttcing. So stay here too and you are an encouragement for all ttcing still. But I do think our other thread is great and supportive for pregnant moms to be. The bleeding and pregnancy losses are just a part of that. For instance, I'm not pregnant and having trouble ttc so really this board is where I should be, but when I come on here sometimes i leave very discouraged when I read all the different troubles with hormones etc and it usually fuels my panic, so I do read here, but generally I worry more, so i like the other board because I have had 3 and can offer some advice as to different things that come up that i have experienced before. So, if you have the time stay on both but try not to be upset by troubles and bad things that happen on the pregnancy board, just like I need not let the issues on the ttc board freak me out. Confusing huh-lol. There are lots of new people over there as well which is hard to keep up with, but drop in and stay current on both. I will be back and forth so you can always find me somewhere-lol. have a wonderful day!


Val - November 10

Hi Tracy - I totally understand how you feel about not wanting to read stressful pg stories... it's why I haven't been on the boards as much either lately. I'm trying to enjoy every day and think positively and it's hard when I come across a scary post! Another friend from the miscarriage page (where I've been on a couple of really great threads for over a year) is pg as well finally and we've been emailing. If you want to email, mine is (all spelled out to discourage spam) farmer dot chick at gmail dot com. LM3, I agree with Tracy's advice about getting some testing but also chilling out. I'm really convinced that getting pg (for me) was a combination of figuring out that my progesterone was low, plus doing the hypnotherapy which helped me relax when I wasn't able to on my own. My dh even noticed that I was a lot more relaxed after I started it up. It can be kind of expensive so it might be a bit extreme of an option, but after reading so much about infertility and the need to reduce stress, it took doing the hypnotherapy and getting pg to make me a believer! And I saw a big change after the very first hypno session, so even if it's bit expensive, it might be worth it to try.


lovemy3 - November 11

Hi Val... Glad to hear you are well. It is so true about reducing stress. That is the plan....relaxxxxxx. LOL. Its hard though. thanks for the encouragement. How have you been doing? I hope well. Do you keep in contact with Sann at all still?


leahb5 - November 15

hi tracy i am new at this (not at ttc though) i was reading about your story on the other board and i am interested in what you did with iui and how many times it took? i am getting my lesson for the shots(follistim i think) dec 6 and doing iui in jan. i was just wondering how long it took you. your story was a real inspiration to me. btw i'm so sorry to hear about your twin. thanks again


Tracy88 - November 17

Leah, I first had laparoscopic surgery to clean up my "baby making house" then the doc monitored me for one cycle to see how my body worked on its own. By monitoring I mean, he did ultrasounds and bloodwork while I was on no drugs or anything. Then, the next cycle, I started Injectables on cd3 (75iu's of Gonal-F once a day) for about a week or so, did the trigger shot, and had back to back IUI's the day before I ovulated and the day I ovulated. Then I just waited and exactly 14 days past my second IUI I tested and was pregnant. I had done three cycles of clomid in the past which obviously did not work, so that is why we opted for the laparoscopy. I refused to spend all of our money on treatments not knowing if there was something going on inside that needed fixing first. I Thank God all the time that I did things in the order I did because everything fell into place and I am now almost 14 weeks. I will never know whether it was the surgery, the shots or the IUI's that did the trick, but the combination worked, so that's all the answer I need.


Tracy88 - November 17

Leah, forgot to mention that in total we spent probably two and half years TTC. For about a year of that time we tried naturally then I started seeing an OB for fertility workups (HSG test, post coital, sperm analysis, etc..). He is the one who prescribed clomid. When that didn't work, but all my tests showed nothing wrong, I moved to a specialist. The specialist is the one who did the surgery and everything else. I started seeing the specialist in about April or May of 2006 and got PG in late August.


DCL - November 18

Tracy - when did your lap what did they find? I am having one on 11/30 and scared out of my mind. I have been TTC for 19 months or so and want a BFP!!! I had a m/c June 05 after only trying for a few months then a hemroghic cyst last November and then HSG - no blocked tubes, Hysterscopy in May found a smal polyp , 3 failed rounds of clomid/IUI and some more cysts in October took a month off and now going thru a lap. I O, my levels are fine, I even had great follicles this month without any meds. I just don't know what is goin in there and if my eggs are the issue. I hope I get the thumbs up for Follistim injectibles this coming month. I was just curious what your lap was like and the recovery too! I am going to take 4 days off from work. Hope all is going well with your pg and you are an inspiration! Good luck!


lovemy3 - November 18

Hi tracy, 5 dpo, keep your fingers and toes crossed!


Tracy88 - November 18

DCL, during my lap the doc found endometriosis on my bladder, ovaries, etc.... It wasn't too bad. He also found cysts on my fallopian tubes, polypoid tissue in my uterus, loads of extra tissue in my uteran cavity, my ovaries were being pinned down by adhesions, and he removed a fibroid from the surface of my uterus. Sounds like a lot huh? He said that not one of these things by itself would cause infertility, but all of them combined would. The irony is that we knew going in that I had a fibroid, but the only other thing that was suspected was possible endo, since I have painful periods. I would have never known that such a mess was going on there had we not done the lap. I am so grateful that I did it. I had it done on Friday and was ready to clean house on Sunday, but forced myself to just take it easy and heal for about a week. The pain is so minimal. I knew going in to my cycle of injectables a month later with confidence because I knew everything should be in working order. Like I said before, I'm never going to know if it was the lap, the shots, or the IUI's that got me PG, but who cares really. The fact is that I am. Don't be afraid of this surgery. I was nervous going in when I really had nothing to be nervous about, so don't waste your energy OK? Try to do a cycle of injectables within a month or two after surgery (with IUI's) and you should be PG soon!


Tracy88 - November 18

LM3--hang in there sister!


Tracy88 - November 18

Wow, just re-read my post and saw a botched sentence about 8 lines from the bottom. Sorry!


Lucky717 - November 19

Hi Tracy - Thanks for sharing your story. My RE told me during my last visit that lap surgery may be necessary to remove a cyst in my right ovary. He was hesitant to let me start super ovulatory drugs before doing so. I've always had painful periods also. DH & I have been trying for 8 months now. I decided to buck the trend and go see an RE before the one year marker. I just wanted to know what was going on in there. Well I did 2 cycles on Clomid and I did ovulate but no BFP. Now I'm on my second cycle of Femara with monitoring and trigger shot. I am at a crossroads and don't know what to do about surgery. Can you give me some advice? I am so scared to do it because of the risks involved. Were you knocked completely out? Was this an easy decision for you? We have insurance but I am so scared about the cost associated with surgery. What do I need to ask my RE as far as that goes? My insurance will pick up a lot of it but are there any hidden costs? I feel like I saw your posting tonight for a reason. Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated. Congrats on making it 14 weeks!! That is fabulous!


Tracy88 - November 19

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. I ovulated on clomid too......very well actually, but also never got PG. It was after that, that we thought of our best course of action would be to talk to the specialist about having a lap before doing treatments because we simply refused to waste time and money. Something was obviously hindering us from getting PG since I was ovulating so well with clomid. My advice to you is to have the lap. I'm curious though as to what risks you are concerned about the most? I was never concerned because the doc I was seeing has a golden reputation and I just knew I was in good hands. It was the easiest decision I ever made to be honest. I wanted a baby and just knew in my gut that this was what I needed to do. I was not going to spend $15,000 on IVF one day and risk that not working either. I was completely knocked out and recovery was quick and really not painful at all. My insurance covered it because my doctor coded it as medically necessary since he suspected some endo, but there was a certain amount we paid out of pocket. Between the doc and surgical nurse, they cost about $300 and the surgical center cost about $400. To me though, that $700 was nothing compared to money I could have wasted by doing cycles of drugs, etc.... The $300 I had to pay before surgery and the $400 they billed me. I am paying that off month to month, $100 each month. Do the surgery as long as you feel you are in good hands. The doc I saw is patient, he is not overworked, he thrives on what he does, and he is gentle. You can tell that he is an intellectual and does it for the love of the game, not the money. The money is an afterthought to someone like him.



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