total sperm count...
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hawaiigirl - August 20

Hello... i have a quick question. my husbands sperm count is 56.00x10 to the 6 power. what does this mean and is this normal.


bellasgirl - August 21

Sorry i am not able to help... hopefully one of the women will be able to answer your question. I think alot of women are curious about sperm questions. I have read a few things on this site about it. You might want to read on to past posts, maybe one of the answers are in there.


Sara - August 21

It means your husband has a sperm count of 56 million. I think that falls in the normal range. Do you know his motility (movement of the sperm)


For Sara from hawaiigirl - August 21

It says his motility is 61% i dont know if that is a good or not. Do you have any idea? I appreciate your input and advice. Thanks a bunch


Cee Bee - August 21

According to my DH's results - "total motility" should be greater than 50% - so 61% is good. "Progressive Motility" to be greater than 25%. Sperm count should be greater than 20million (per mililitre). These are Australian test standards....


to ceebee - August 21

what is progessive motility vs total motility?


Cee Bee - August 21

That is a good question...I really don't know. But if I had to hazard a guess, I would say that "total" means the total number that are moving/mobile, and progressive being the total number moving in the right direction (ie forward). But I am just guessing so please don't take my word for it. you might get some info on the internet....I should check if "motility" does actually mean movement. If anyone knows...please let me know


Sara - August 21

My DH has a sperm count of 115 million with motility of 50%. His doc is happy with that so I'm not too worried about his low motility.


To CeeBee - August 21

You seem to know a lot about Sperm statistics---do you know what's considered a good morphology percentage? My DH has high volume(4-5ml), but low count( 10 mil./ml), 45% mobility, and 8%(which sounds low to me) morphology---we are doing our first round of IUI this month.---Kerri


Sara - August 21

Hi Cee bee, I've read lots on sperm analysis when my DH got tested. A good morphology % should be 60% of the sperm should be normal in shape and size for adequate fertility. My DH analysis didn't give the % but it just stated in was normal. Did your DH's doc give any reason why his count was low? I wish you good luck on the IUI.


Sara - August 21

Hi Kerri, the above answer is for your ques to Cee Bee.


merlee - August 21

My DH just had a SA last week and I found a web site to answer all of these questions. -at the search button type in "Sperm Analysis" and you will get a list of articles to choose from. One article called "The Semen Factor" is very informative and tells how sperm are created and what happens in the male body in order for conception to occur. I printed it and had my DH read it.


Lena - August 22

Progressive motility is moving forward in a straight line, while total motility includes those that wiggle back and forth without moving forwards. These guys typically have poor morphology too.



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