took one depo shot and can't get pregnant. WHY?
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Jasmine - September 7

Had a miscarriage on 09/2003 then I took a depo shot (first and last time) on 03/04 Now I'm trying to get pregnant. Is this normal. Been trying for about 14 months


jessica - September 8

I also took one depo shot over a year ago, and feel my cycles are very long and don't ovulate every month, I am 24, have one child already, i am hoping the effects of depo go away soon


stef - September 9

I also took depo for 2 yrs, stopped 12/04 - and just had my first cycle 2 weeks ago. Now, I just started spotting brown again! I don't know if I'm ovulating or what is going on. But I think every person is different on how the depo affects their body. Please update if anyone has any success!


cherish - September 10

It is said that it could take up to 12 to 18 months for a woman to get pregnant after a depo shot. I am also having the same issue. for me it's beem 13 months



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