too stressed for sex
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debbyy - December 4

My husband and I are TTC but when I tell him I'm ovulating and it's time to have sex, he has a difficult time having an erection. I think it's a mental issue because when we're not having sex for conception, he has no problems at all. Any advice for helping him without causing him stress/too much pressure to perform?


T - December 5

Well if you both agree on having a child, then I just wouldnt tell him when it was. maybe wait til after you have intercourse and they say O by the way....


ttc, also - December 19

as soon as you know that you are ovulating...or near...put on something sexy. approach him. do 'other stuff' for him, to 'get him in the mood.' then, it [he] should work. when you are finished making love, you can tell him why you did it at that time.


susan - December 20

my husband is the same. I know he wants a baby but.... I have tired to make a really romantic evening for him, candles, music & me


Pinkywantsbaby - December 21

I agree with the ladies Debbyy, by the way Hi :) I know of women using PRE SEED including myself. It works great.Pre~Seed provides moisture without harming sperm. For use even while trying to conceive – a time of increased vaginal dryness when other products should be avoided due to their detrimental effects on sperm. Not that a lube would help in your situation. But it is the #1 lube that doesnt hurt sperm. TC Happy Holidays:)


Kristina - December 23

If a guy has a difficult time having an erection he could be nervous and telling him you ovulate ruins the moment, dont tell him your ovulating! Try to make the night romantic instead of stressful: For example; lit candles, soft music, and wear something sexy lying on the bed with two glasses and champagne. He'll like it! Good Luck :)


mike boston - April 7

I get nervous to have sex with a girl for the first time. I am 21 and just got out of a two year relationship and the sex was great. How can you correct this nervouness problem, is embarrasing.


sz - April 7

hi. i have the same problem. my husband and i had sex around 2 days before i ovulated and then the following day we were both tired and just needed to have sex because i was ovulating. i did light candles however, but still it didn't help, we were both just not in the mood, and then he just couldn't get an we had to give up.



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