Too much "unprotected sex?"
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Beverly - December 28

I've been haveing "out of the ordinary" periods for about a year now.they seem to have no pattern as they useually did. But, when AF shows it's only light blood and the rest is brown and slimey.I have no period pains any more either...Sometimes it may even last for only a day... I also have no luck with conceiveing for the past year either. My boyfriend and I have sex every day and sometimes 2-3 times a day. He doesn't pull out at all. Could he be ejaculateing inside me too much???I have gotten prego before so, wats the problem???I'm so confused.!! Please give me some feedback, I need it!

Thank You all for listening:)


bev - December 28

please help me???


tj - December 28

He may have number problems and if you are trying to concieve you are probably having sex too much and not giving him time to build his sperm up. He may also have motility problems or he may have no sperm at all in his ejacualte. Get him a sperm analysis if you are serious about getting pregnant and read on the net the best ways of having sex to get pregnant (dos and donts) and if he is ok then go get some testings for you. With the sounds of your af you sound like you may have some issues with you too so go see a doctor and get checked out too. He can give you meds to bring on a proper af.


bev - December 29

thank you for your inout tj. But, could any one explain my irregular periods?Or, why it's so hard to conceive after I already did once with no prob?



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