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Sarah - August 24

How long does it take to get preg on average after taking zoladex for six months?
When you have a little endo is it still difficult to get preg, i have had bits removed three times?
Does anyone have bowl probs with their endo?
Any advise appreciated


To Sarah - August 24

I wrote in your other thread about zoladex. Unfortunately, the hot flushes is the downside of this treatment. Basically, it's the side effects are like menapouse. I also had terrible bowl movement and it took years for someone to give me something to get it under control. My gyno has prescribed Bascopan and it works like a charm. My gyno advised that it will happen within 12 months. Your body needs to get back to normal after taking this treatment. Try to stay patient and positive. Have your started zoladex? or just finished?


Sarah - August 25

I am half way through the Zoladex treatment and really appreciate your advise. I know that everyone is different too but i just want answers to something i know can not be answered. Time is the only answer.


To Sarah - August 25

Everyone is different. A client of mine told me their friend fell pregnant 3 months after finishing Zoladex. What country are you from? I'm from Australia and found noone on here knew about this treatment, so it was great to hear from someone who had. I really do wish you all the very best!


sarah - August 27

I am from Australia and when the drug was given to me i was told it was a new drug. Even in the research i find that there is little about Zoladex. I guess it is good to get advise from people who do know about it. Thank you for writing back.



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