too many follicles!! should I cancel?????
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Beth - October 13

I went in today for bw and us, thinking I'd get the trigger and do IUI the next two days. I found out that I have 14 follicles-3 at about 16 and 11 at 10-13mm. It was suggested that I cancel this cycle. I am so confused and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help???


ana - October 13

Well last month I tool follistim and I had 22 follicles 1 at 19, 3 at 18 and other between 11-17, i thought they cancelled but they said go ahead with the trigger shot. So I am waiting to see if I am pg, have one more week left to see. I was scared to do this cycle because the risk of multiples, I mean 22 follicles is good for IVF not IUI.


Beth - October 13

Ana-How are you feeling? What day do you go in for blood test? I have been doing lots of online research and I still don't know what to do. I guess I'll have to wait for my E2 results this afternoon to make a decision. Do you know what your E2 was right before IUI? Please keep me posted and I'll be thinking about you. Good luck getting through this week! Think lots of happy thoughts!


to beth - October 13

When i did my iui I only had 4 big follicles - they were 29, 24,20 and 20mm and the smaller ones they just discounted as they werent large enough to be useful. I unfortunately didnt get pg with any of them but maybe that is why they are saying it is ok because only the larger ones will be big enough to allow anything to happen. I dont know just putting in my thoughts. Good luck with your decision. keep us posted-Isa


to beth - October 13

sorry beth i misread the above and so just ignore my answer. I re read it and you said it should be cancelled I read it wrong my appologies, is there any chance they can convert you to an ivf? I know its a lot of money but maybe its a possibility?


Beth - October 13

Isa-thanks for the info and I'm so sorry that cycle didn't work for you. I guess each cycle is a learning experience for us. So will you be doing another cycle with IUI? I'm actually about to call for E2 results and then I'll make a decision about cancelling or not. I would think that the small follies wouldn't produce eggs, but they say that there is a chance and they don't think I should take that chance. I don't know what I'll do, but I'm sure I'll ask for your advice. Let me know what your next step is. Lots of smiles and happy thoughts!


isa - October 13

Hey Beth, I'm waiting for af now, i stopped the progesterone supps yesterday so i dont know how long it will be til I get af. I take clomid day2-6 and start Lepori HMG shots starting day 7 until I use the hcg injection and we're doing 2iui days back to back if all ok. this is cycle 2 for iui's.


Beth - October 13

Isa-Good Luck, Good Luck, Good Luck with this cycle! I just found out my E2 is 898 which is double yesterday's E2. Instead of cancelling today, I won't take meds tonight and I'll go in for us and bw tomorrow. We'll see if any follies stayed small and decide from there. Please keep me posted on events of your next cycle. By the way, what's Lepori HMG for? Lots of baby dust!!!


isa - October 13

Beth the HMG- Lepori is a gonadrotropin injection with fsh and lh in it used to stimuate the ovaries for multiple follicles (i think that is right from my memory). Great to hear you are going to monitor and see. At the beginning of the cycle my E2 was too thin for the follicles sizes so doc put me on 10days of estrogen estradiol and within a day or 2 my lining was fine so even when there are probs they seem to be able to fix them. Now only if they could get me pg I'd be really happy. Good luck on your decison and dont forget even if you dont iui, you can still babydance and let nature take its course.


isa - October 13

sorry that should say my E2 was low and my lining was too thin


beth - October 13

lots of babydancing for you too!! :)


isa - October 14

beth how did your u/s and b/w go today any news?


bump - October 14

Beth are you there?


Beth - October 14

Hi Isa. Well, it's been a tough day. Follies continue to grow and E2 continues to rise. I'm going to stop treatment and take a break. I am so emotionally drained! I'm going to start the "pill" next month to prep for IVF in December. It'll be less of a guessing game and hopefully if I can produce a bunch of "good" follicles with one injection a day, I should be able to do well with IVF. Please keep me posted on your progress. For now, I will live vicariously through you. Thanks for listening and thanks for your support!


AC - October 14

Hi, I read these postings and am going through very similar experiences and emotions. My last cycle was cancelled as well. My doctor told me I produced too many follicles. But, I am confused as to how many are too many. I had eight mature follicles (greater than 18 mm). I was given the option to convert to IVF, but because this was my first round of trying with IUI, my husband and I decided to just wait. This is such an emotionally draining process. I am currently on the pill and hopefully in another two weeks we'll try this process again. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this time I won't be cancelled. Can you tell me what your doctors consider the right number and sizes of follicles for IUI? Good luck to all of you. You aren't alone.....


Beth - October 15

Hi AC-It stinks we have to go through this, but at least we can go through it together. In terms of how many is too many-it depends on your RE and their protocols. Theoretically, each follicle can release an egg that can become fertilized. So some RE's will suggest cancelling if there are more than 3, but some will suggest going ahead with IUI even with more than 10. They like to see follicles >16mm. There are lots of issues to think about when making the decision to cancel. I was so distraught when my dr. suggested I cancel (2 days ago) but after I did research, I learned that the chance of "multiple-multiples" would be much to high for me. This was my 3rd IUI and I've responded well to the injectibles, so I'll do IVF with my next cycle and hope to get lots of large follicles. They did not want me to switch to IVF in the middle of this one. Are you doing IUI again? If you continue to produce lots of large follicles, maybe IVF is the way to go for you. Thanks for the support and I hope we can be of support to you also. Stay positive and think lots of happy thoughts.


isa - October 15

Hi Beth, sorry to hear of having to cancel. Af came about 10 this morning so i start clomid days 2-6 then shots day 7 til ? Why did they put you on the pill? If iui's dont work for us (this is 2nd month trying on them) I think we are done and will have to go adoption route after we've been married the 2 years I hear we have to wait. We are newlyweds but over 40 (no kids for either of us). Hubby is having troubles with the idea of ivf not being natural and with the cost here and not covered i dont think it is a possibility for us anyways. We will deal with that if and when it comes to it. Hopefully this cycle will work. For AC I had 4 large follicles 2 at 20mm and 1-24mm, 1-29 mm and we went ahead with the iui without question. We've cut back my 100mg clomid to 50 because lining started out too thin but worked out in the end with estrogen pills. We'll just see what happens this time around with the shots and clomid. I did react to the shots with reddness and itchiness and still have the marks on my belly where all the 4 shots were, the hcg shot reddess has faded enough now but he said lets try again and see what happens. The alternative was another shot at more than 3x price (about $180/day vs $50/day) and I already have tons of the $50 ones because I got my prescription filled for the full amount and ordered it through europe as it was way cheaper than in Canada



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