Too Early?
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Drew - July 6

Here I go being neurotic again, but..... I got a bfn today, cd 31 on about a 33 day cycle. So is it possible I may have tested too early? Normally by now, being so close to af's arrival, I'm crampy, boobs are sore ect. Right now, no cramps, boobs are only slightly sensitive in the nipple area and slight bloating. I don't want to get my hopes up yet again that maybe I tested too early. Anybody have any advice?? I really need someone to bring me back to earth!!!! lol


Kelly - July 6

Hi Drew - are you taking meds? I'm personally not a tester - and I'm the most Impatient person on earth, but for some reason with this whole infertility thing I've become rather patient in life - maybe that was my lesson I was supposed to learn. Anyway - sorry to ramble - miracles happen, don't lose faith - if you don't get af - test again and see what happens...good luck and lots of baby dust!!!


Drew - July 6

Hi Kelly, thanks! I am a testin junkie, I used to be patient, but now I get so impatient! We're kinda opposites! I told myself I wasn't gonna get excited this month but........ I'm on Metformin and Clomid, second cycle. I just got a blood hcg this afternoon so I'll find out one way or another tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement! :)


Lena - July 7

Drew, It certainly seems promising. Please let us know either way.


merlee - July 7

Drew, I'm sending you Baby Vibes and Baby Dust~~~Hope it works


Drew - July 7

Thank you so much Merlee, and everyone else, but I got a bfn on my blood hcg today. I think it's time just to quit trying all together.



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