today i found out that i have fibriod,,,anyone help mepleas
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aish - December 18

today i went for my mock embryo test & saw one big fibriod ,doc said i hope it is polyp ...
i was going for my ivf in jan ,.....i dont know what will happen now ..i had 4 failed iui and in that time they never fund out that i have fibriods ??? As they always used to do ultrasound...


fatboy - December 20

Hi aish, I too have a fibroid, but thank goodness it's not in a dangerous spot! My sister also had a 2 1/2lbs fibroid that she had removed, and still was able to carry 2 children beforehand. Don't worry about this too many women have fibroids. My doc told me that if you look hard enough, you can find one in every uterus! Look on the bright can be removed if need be. There are so many other conditions that cannot be fixed! I'll be praying for you! Baby Dust and good luck!



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