To those who haven't had a period...
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Mom2Boy - April 24

I haven't had my period in 50+ days. Last Friday I have bloodwork done to check for pregnancy, thyroid, and prolactin levels. My doctor has also scheduled an ultrasound for this Friday morning. I was just wondering if there were any ladies who had been in this same situation and what the problem was. My OB/GYN mentioned something about the lining of my uterus building up, and a potention biopsy... I just want to hear other's stories with the same situation or similar. Thank you.


crystal74 - April 24

hi mom2boy,
just curious to how old you are? i am 22 and for the first time i didn't have my period for fourty days last/this month. i finally got it and it was like a normal one for me. very strange. i think it's cuz i didn't detect ovulation last month. suppose to see my dr. this month when i o to do further testing. so i would also like to hear familiar story's.


DB - April 25

I was in a similar situation and finally wen to see an RE when my cycles were 70+days and I only got my period with prometrium or provera. My RE now believes I have PCOS. I took Metformin for about 5 weeks and FINALLY got AF on my own for the first time in nearly a year. See an RE if you keep having irregular cycles.


littlemiss - April 25

Hi ladies, i didnt have a period for 9 months, i went to my OB/GYN, she took blood works and i found out i had hypothyroidism, my levels are now getting back to normal, but i still have not had a period.


Mom2Boy - April 26

Results came back - not pregnant, thyroid and prolactin levels are normal. So what are the other possibilities??


DB - April 27

Did you ever have irregular cycles before this??? Did they check your estrogen? My RE tested EVERY hormone while my ob/gyn only tested prolactin and thyroid. Also, at my first RE appt. I had an ultrasound of the ovaries to check for cysts.


Mom2Boy - May 1

I've had an ultrasound done, yet I won't find anything out until this Friday, the 5th. The technician, or whoever was doing it, wasn't allowed to tell me anything. DB-I think he just checked thyroid and prolactin. My cycles before my first pregnancy were about 29-32 days apart (a guess, I never wrote it down). I gave birth in '05, was on birthday control until October '05, and had periods following that, about 31-33 days apart.


Silent_Wish - May 2

Hi Mom2boy...i have just turned 45 and am 18days late and have had 6 neg tests. I have an appointment to se my doc this morning but i guess he will take a blood sample and i will have to wait another week to hear results which will probably be neg AGAIN! :-( We have been trying for over a year now, my periods have never been late unless ive been pregnant?. In march i had a really weird start to my period...on 17th i had like a brownish discharge then nothing for 3 days...then i started bleeding. I was due a period on 14th April and nothing?. I WILL post here later to let you know what my doc says. Hope everyone is well.



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