to those who had alot of FERTILITY TESTS !
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patty - February 14

hi-i just went in yesterday for my CYCLE DAY 3 tests. they basically took blood and then did a transvaginal. the DR. was a bit dissapointed that my cysts did not get smaller while i have af. i am wondering is there still a possibilty that they will get smaller even though i was only on day 3? and also i have to go friday for wht i believe is called post coital test (the one with the tampoons) another transvaginal and an abdommin test. has anyone had a PCT TEST? what is it like ? painful ? etc...and why this abdominin test ? and since my cysts id not get smaller by day 3 of af is that a big concern ? someone please help me put my mind at ease.


Tracy - February 14

I had the post coital test done a month ago. All I had to do was have sex an hour before going to the doctor, he took a painless sample of cervical fluid, and went to look at it under the microscope. It's no big deal at all, and all they are checking for is to see if you have hostile cervical fluid. My doctor was able to tell me right away if enough sperm were living in my "environment". I'm not sure about the rest of the stuff you asked about, but yesterday, I had an HSG, which is where they shoot dye through your fallopian tubes to see if there are any obstructions or blockage. Good luck.


patty - February 14

thanks tracey---i have to go also for the hsg---i think next week . how was it ? i asked some of the women yesterday that were in the waiting room with me if they have had it done. they said it was quite painful ! i was wondering how long does this pain last. ---days--hours ? and is it cramping pain or what kind of pain ?


Tracy - February 14

The HSG goes differently for everyone. I thought it was tolerable although I did experience a little pain at one point. You lay down just like you would while getting an exam, but they insert a catheter into your uterus to shoot the dye through. The painful part for me was when he couldn't get the catheter in, he had to dialate my cervix. The pain lasted about 3 seconds and the rest was just a little uncomfortable. That was a long 3 seconds though. As soon as the catheter is in, you lay your legs flat, he inserts the dye, and they shoot a series of x rays, watching the dye move through the tubes. It's pretty cool to get to see your fallopian tubes and stuff. Just amke sure to take like 3 advil half an hour before and take a pad with you just in case.



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