To the super smart ladies!! Ovulation question
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mg - December 4

The ladies on this forum seem very educated, so this is why I am posting my question here. I need help with a ovulation/cycle question. I have one ovary and from testing it works fine and my hormone levels are normal. With saying that I normally have a 30 day cycle. I get AF on the 17th and it ends the 19th, then I "O" on the 5th or 6th and so on till the 17th again. This month AF ended on 19th, and I "O" between the 24th-26th (Strong CM signs). DH and I bedded on theses days since we have been TTC for a few months. So here is the question/problem, I have had FREAKISHLY sore breasts since the 31rst, I am so uncomfortable I cant sleep. So if I "O" early does that mean that my AF will come early? If not do I go off of my old date the 17th, when should I take a HPT? Any advice would be helpful, since I havent been able to find any information on the internet.


jcr - December 4

I don't know the ovulation answer, but I do know that sore boobs are an excellent sign. Both times I had bfp, my boobs went up in size and got sore. I would test just before or when af is due? Good luck


Lori - December 4

I am not that educated on all this but i want to tell you that i had sore boobs and every sigh of pregnancy i swear and i was not pregnant i was sure i was but it was just week before period sympoms.


mg - December 4

I really dont know when my AF is due since I ovulated over a week before I should have. Based on just the day I ovulated I should be getting my AF this week, but then my AF would be 8-9 days early. I just took a first response HPT and it was negative. My breast hurt SOOO bad right now!!


L - December 4

I was told by my ob/gyn that you actually can ovulate at any time in your cycle. I took it as meaning that ovulation can occur anywhere between the last day of your period to the beginning of your next period. (I guess that it can be even possible to ovulate during your period, although I can't imagine that). The best advice I can give you would be to test once AF is late, if you get a negative and still no AF, then test again a few days later. If it turns out you are not pregnant, try testing with an OPK next month from the time your period ends. My ob/gyn said that you might have to get a couple of kits (they usually have 7 sticks in each kit), but if you are trying to pinpoint ovulation, that is the way to go. I purchased my kits at Walmart for around $10 each. Hope this helps. Best of luck in ttc!


L - December 4

mg - one more thing, if you are on any fertility meds, you can have pregnancy symptoms without actually being pregnant. Just throwing that in... don't know if that is your situation or not.


L - December 4

mg- just re-read your post. Go from the 17th. I say this based on my post about what my ob/gyn said.


mg - December 4

I not on any fertility meds, and I have not taken any hormonal birth control in the last 2 years or so. Its strange, normally I am like clockwork, and can predict ovulation and my AF to a T, but this month and two monthes ago I ovulated very early. The months in between have been normal. The last time I ovulated very early, my MD did an exam (OB exam) and she really thought I was pregnant, she even sent me for an ultra sound. She checked all of my hormones and thyroid and they were normal. So I dont know why it seems every other month I ovulate very early. Do you think my AF will be early or on the 17th as normal?


L - December 4

I would go by what happened 2 months ago, when you also ovulated early. Did your AF come early then, or did it come on the 17th? If you don't mind me asking (answer only if you want to), how old are you?


mg - December 4

The AF that occurred two months ago was on the 17th instead (I started spotting on the 15th) of the 21rst like it normally was for 6-7 months. So I guess it is possible that I could have my AF much earlier this month as well. I dont mind you asking at all, I am 27 years old. I had a ruptured ovarian cyst with a ovarian torsion, so I had my ovary removed about two years ago. I suffered Dysfunctional uterine bleeding for about 6 months after that. But my periods have been VERY regular for the last year, except for the last few months. I have also noticed that my AFs are much lighter then they used to be. My AF over the last 4-5 months have only lasted maybe two days of light bleeding instead of the 5-6 days of heavy bleeding they used to be. Very strange. It seems all this started when we started TTC 4 months ago.


L - December 5

mg - I wish I had the answers to your questions and concerns. The best advice that I can offer you is - especially with ttc and only one ovary, and your cycle concerns - if you are not already seeing an RE, then see if your ob/gyn will set you up with one. They will monitor you much closer and hopefully you will achieve your pregnancy goal. Although, you never know, this could be your month, just test on the 17th, if you get a negative, test again on the 21st - if no AF by then. (if I am understanding your AF dates correctly) . Believe me, I know waiting is hard, my RE told me not to bother to test until the 8th. I will check back to see how you are doing. Keep us informed. Best of luck!!!


mg - December 9

Well if I ovulated on the 24th or 25th I should have started AF on the 7th or 8th....and nothing. I keep checking my cervix for even any brown spotting (normally I have light brown stuff 2-3 days before) boobs are still very sore, and my lower AB feels very bloated and I have VERY mild cramps (not like AF). Two days ago I had the strangest feeling in my lower AB, like a stretching bubble or something, It lasted for about 10 minutes, I have never had that before. I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative, so I dont know what to think. I hoping AF wont show, but maybe I just cursed myself for writing this.


to L - December 9

Did you test on the 8th? Any luck???


mg - December 9

I tested this morning 9th and on the 8th. No sign of AF showing up. The only thing I can think of was maybe the strange sensation I felt the other day was implantation, that would have been 2 days ago, so maybe my levels are not high enough yet to be detected. Or my AF is just late.


L - December 10

Thanks for asking. Yes, I tested on the 8th, got a BFN. Started spotting today, so AF(cd1) to start on the 10th, as predicted. At least I am thankful for a very regular cycle. It never used to be that way at all, until about a year ago, we are talking years with out a cycle!


L - December 10

mg - if your AF doesn't normally show up until the 17th, go by that. According to my ob/gyn, you can ovulate anytime during your cycle. Your cycle is calculated as such: from the 1st day of your period to the beginning of your next period. For example: my cycle started on 11/9 and ended on 12/10. (my "AF" was from 11/9 - 11/12). I could have actually "ovulated" anywhere between 11/12 and 12/9. (Although, I know when I ovulate only because I get a "trigger shot" to induce ovulation). Most "cycles" last for an average of anywhere from 28 to 36 days. You say that you usually start AF on the 17th of each month (telling me your cycles are approximately 30 days). If what my ob/gyn says is accurate, ovulating on the 24th is no different than ovulating on the 30th, your period will still come on the 17th (a few days before or after is not unusual), unless you are pregnant. I hope this helps, and I am not just confused about what you are trying to ask, and therefore only confusing you more. : )


mg - December 10

I did a little research- a women ovulation can vary month to month, but her luteal phase will be between 10-16 days past ovulation (average 14-16 days +/- 1 day), this does not change whether she has a 28 day cylce or a 31 day cycle. So the best way to determine when AF should arrive is 14-16 days after known Ovluation. In the past I was not doing this type of calculation. I just found this out, and it shows I am 4 days late for AF. I dont know what to think. I have many signs of pregnancy, I just dont want tot get my hopes up yet.



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