To the BEST future moms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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diem - September 7

You know we are! Because being a mom IS in our future!
Hope you found the new thread.


newmommy - September 7

I found the new thread! Diem---you have more than a right to be angry, jealous, sad, and every other emotion out there. At this point after my m/c, I was still a wreck. I completely understand all of your emotions, and even got teary-eyed at your last post, just thinking about my own m/c. I'll tell you that it does get better to accept and move forward, but I still think about that baby and the m/c every single day. Someday soon we will have babies on our arms and hopefully then we can hold that m/c'd baby in our hearts and not have to think and wonder of that baby every single day. My due date was yesterday for that baby. Every time I typed the date, I'd think about it. That sucked. I hope that you do "o" and that all goes smoothly to ttc again for you. I'm on cd18 today, still no peak. I still have at least a week, probably 1 1/2 weeks before "o" based on last month's cycle. Time is passing SO slow this month. I feel so positive about this cycle, but that's making me that much more nervous about getting a negative. I know I'll feel even worse this month than usual if it's a BFN. But since I still have more than 3 WEEKS before I can even test, I should quit worrying about it! Who's the next up on the 2ww???


newmommy - September 7

Jersey---how are you??? Did that awful witch AF show up??? I hope not. And I agree with you on not telling other people until the 12th week of pregnancy. I told my whole extended family and work that I was pregnant, only to m/c a few weeks later. It was awful having to repeat what happened over and over and over. It was sad and ackward---people just don't know what to say to you when it comes to m/c. It won't be that way next time. Lucky---I'm sorry you're having a rough day too. Rant away---we know how it is! How's everyone else???


diem - September 7

Thanks newmommy. Its nice to know that other people out there have been through and feel the same things as me. That's why it's so wonderful to have you all.
By the way do you watch Rock Star Supernova? Brooke Burke just announced her pregnancy....UGH! I feel like screaming "ANYBODY ELSE WANT TO TELL ME ABOUT THEIR PREGNANCY AND HOW EASY IT WAS TO GET PREGNANT?????? YOU PEOPLE SUCK!!!! not really......just sucks for us! This is actually my second M/C my first was with dh (when we first met) and it was 5 years ago. I was very ok with it because I had one year left of my insurance...and just met him. Condom broke and resulted in pregnancy. Pretty ironic since we are TRYING now. Though I felt sad before it's nothing like I feel this time around. I know that I am meant to have children. When I was little and people would ask me what I want to be when I grow up......I would say "a mommy ". Now I just wish my dream would come true.
It's almost HARD to feel positive because your sooooo worried about being let down!!!


Lucky717 - September 7

Thanks Diem for starting a new thread. Sorry for my venting before ladies. It's been a hell of a day. I tested after work and got another BFN!!! I will try Friday if AF doesn't come. I am wishing she would get her groove on and make a visit already because I want my HSG test done next. I feel like she's coming any day. Cramps today. My boobs kill too.

Who's in the 2ww now? Newmommy how are you? I hope the others find this thread. Roxy what about you? Any news?
Take care everyone and thanks for understanding.

One question has anyone's DH done the Sperm Analysis yet? Mine is going on Tues. What do they look for? How fast they swim? What else?



bl - September 7

Hi Diem, I hope I'm not butting in here, but I think we had a very similiar situatuion. I saw that you posted about a pos hpt and then a neg. Well, the same thing happened to me last week and I too went on to mc. I had a low hcg number and then started bleeding a few days later. I was told by my re that it was a chemical pregnancy. I just though it was interesting that the same thing happened to us. I'm on another thread here as well, it's nice to have people who understand what we are going through. Hang in there, Brooke


Lucky717 - September 7

Ok...MARCIA CROSS 44 and her DH 48 just announced that they are pg!!! If she can do it then surely we can!!! =) Just read it on


newmommy - September 7

Lucky, so sorry about the BFN. I think that those are even worse than AF! I think that SA looks for # of sperm, shape of them, and amout of movement. I think! For me, still waiiiitttiiiinnnng on the "o." I feel like we're frozen in time!!! And waiting for all the weekends when hubby comes home so we can BD!!! DH and I think that we found a house to rent in Seattle. They want $6000 in first & last month's rents and deposits, and want us to give them $4000 this weekend if we sign the lease. YUCK!


roxy01 - September 7

I found you all! Lucky, I'm sorry about the BFN. Hopefully af never comes and you don't need that hsg! I'm ok. Don't know if I o'd yet and now I've run out of tests so I'll have to guess for the rest of the month. I'm cd22, so I should've by now. I haven't stopped spotting since cd12 tho, which is strange for me! Who knows!!! How's everyone else going??? Brooke, sorry about the mc. It is great to have everyone here who understand. Newmommy, all the best with the house! xxx


JerseyGirl - September 7

Hi NEWMOMMY: I'm here, and fine. Yes, the awful witch showed her ugly face. I started spotting on Saturday and the regular flow started yesterday when I woke up. Another month lost. I never thought I would be living my life in 2 week intervals! LUCKY: My DH has an appointment with the urologist on Monday, who will write an Rx for a Sperm Analysis test. They say to rule out the man first as the potential problem. I can't wait until that test is done (he can't either). I, too, heard about Brooke Burke & Marcia Cross. Good for them, but we deserve it too!!


diem - September 7

Lucky and Roxy, you are still in the running! ***BABY DUST*** We need some BFP's around here.
bl, It's nice to know that there are other people out there who have experienced things that I have. It really helps!


J.D. - September 7

Hi everybody, has anyone heard from slow?I've been worried about her.


k8cherry - September 7

I never write in forums. Normally I just read what everyone is saying but I have been reading your guys stories the last couple of weeks and the support you guys have on each other is amazing. I am in the same boat as you ladies. I am 23 and my dh is 24. My dh and I have been together for over 7 yeas. I have been off BCPs since June of 04 when my niece was born. When we saw her we knew right then and there that we wanted to start our family. At first we were like if it happens it happens. Well 6 months past and my nephew on my side of the family was born on Christmas Eve and I was still not pregnant. Thought their must be a reason for it. Then a year past and I now past the 2 year mark. I have 28 day cycles every month except in July for some reason my body likes to mess with me and make get my AF 5 days late. My GYN thought I had a prolactin problem and didn't think I ovlutated. But I started taking the OPK and they come out positive so I know its now that. Right now I am waiting for my O day which should be anytime now. I just found out that my sister-in law is having her egg retrivial on 9/11 and will most likely be pregnant with her 2nd child by 9/15. I am so sorry this is so long but I need to talk to someone and you guys seem to really understand my situation. If I get pregnant this cycle the baby will be due two days after mine and my dh's 8 year anniversary. Baby Dust to you all!!!!


JerseyGirl - September 7

Welcome, k8cherry. Cute name. It would be wonderful gift if you got pregnant and had the baby around your anniversary! Good luck! (Seems funny wishing someone luck for sex, but hey, we're all friends here and want the same thing!)


diem - September 7

WELCOME k8cherry! You are right about the ladies on this forum. They are so supportive and wonderful. It's nice of you to join us. We are all pretty much in the same boat and it's nice to have support outside of dh and our family. I feel like the ladies here understand my feelings best. If you've not been trying and not had disappointment or miscarriages it's hard to understand. But between all of us we've just about been through everything.
This is a nice place to show support, or freak out a bit, or vent, or just share experiences.


Lucky717 - September 7

Welcome K8!! We are sooo glad to have you join us. Please continue to keep in touch.
Update - No AF. BFN this AM. Sad all day. Called DR on the way to work. If AF doesn't get her groove on and visit they will give me a progesterone shot on Monday and make her ass come for a visit. DH goes on Tues. for his SA and then I will schedule my HSG test when AF shows her wicked face.

Jersey girl how are you? Newmommy how are you? Did you O yet? How about you Roxy girl?

Diem I am thinking of you and thanks for starting this new thread. You are right it's a great place to vent or express ourselves. A very warm place. I hope everyone has lots of sticky dust!!!!


diem - September 7

This bottle of wine at my house has been staring at me ever since I found out that I was pg. DH is NY so I decided to break it open. Hopefully this will be my last few drinks for 9 months. Lucky, Sorry to hear about the bfn. There IS still hope though. Keep us posted. I am praying for you!!! I guessI had better go get something to eat. DH is usually the cook in my house (and what an excellent cook he is) and now that he's gone until Monday I must look in the pantry or the freezer for some easy dinner items!!!! I guess I am pretty lucky that he is the cook. Not like I can't cook.....just don't like too. Plus DH is MUCH better than me. (sigh) I saw him yesterday morning but I miss him already. Thank GOODNESS he is not gone during my fertile time :)



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