To rmaddox, Native Girl & Shen
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Sann - May 15

Hi ladies .. Thanks so much for reponding. All you ladies here are so friendly and supportive. I post over at Pregnant over 35 with 2 other Cycle friends and hope to join the ladies here. rmaddox - Hi ... how are you : ) Traditional Chinese Medicine - is actually about accupunture and herbal concoctions prescribe by a physician after an examination i.e. taking your pulse and looking at your tongue, eyes, skin etc. It's ver much like a naturpath except it was mainly use by chinese and asians but these many from all over the world are seeking this alternative treatment. Native Girl - Hi & so sorry about your miscarriages but congratulations on your pregnancy : ) : ) I'm so glad to hear that you think chinese medicine has help with your success in getting pregnant, I was having second thoughts that it's been taking too long for a pregnancy to happen for me again. My ob/gynae wants to put me on clomid too. But I was told my physician .. if I take clomid I have to stop chinese medicine cos the 2 will "clush". Did you had to stop taking chinese medicine too? Thanks for the info on peony, I don't know if I have it in my concoction (I can't read chinese very well), I'll check with my physician. In what form are chinese medicine? Mine, comes in a form dried herbs(I take a concoction of about 15 -25 herbs, it differs with every visit I see my physician) and I have to boil & simmer it with water in a " chinese medicine pot" for about an hour before I can drink it. Shen - Hi... : ) Thanks for the info. I'm so happy to hear that you are also seeking alternative treatment and it's working for you. And are you doing accupuncture as well. What kind of chinese medicine are you taking? Herbs that are in capsules or do you to brew too? Do you buy you chniese medicine online from [email protected] in the US. How does she prescribe your medicine for you and do you have to see her? Once again, ladies.... thanks so much for your respones and hope to hear from you soon. Sorry .. I have a problem loging in and will only be able to write back by posting a new question. Take care & God bless : ) : ) : )



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