To Provera or not to Provera
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Bahootie - August 14

My last real period was July 5th, on July 29th (cd25) I had some spotting. When I called into get refill for Clomid they told me to wait for flow which never came. Today would be day 41 or day 17 if that was a/f. My doctor told me to test on day 40 and then call in for Provera. I tested and got a bfn but have also been using opks to see if I did start another cycle. The opks are neg. but there are light pink lines. Does a light pink line preceed to a dark one. With it being day 17 I don't know if I should hope for the best or just go ahead and start provera. Any advise? Has anyone out there been on Provera? How long does it take to get your a/f and are there any side affects?


andrea21 - August 14

I have never had any s/e on provera though I only use it 1-3 times a year, but everyone is different. a/f can take as long as 2 wks after the last provera pill or as early as 3 days after. Probadly you should ask your doc for an u/s


soimpatient - August 14

I got really bloated on provera. Af usually shows up 1 week after the last pill is taken (for me). I took 10 days of provera and then af showed up 7 days later. I took provera for 5 days and af showed up 6 days later. I really hate provera because of all of the waiting that is involved.


JHarvey29 - August 19

Is provera the same as Depo- Provera? I was on the depo shot for 1 year and my body is still trying to adjust to being off, i havent had a shot in over two years! After i got off, i bled for three months at a time at least twice. Now i have not had a peroid for the past three and all hpt's are neg. Ive heard from many people that depo will really throw your cycle off balance and make it hard to get pregnant in the future. Hope that helps.


jal239 - August 19

I wemt of bcp at the end of may and had af May 25-29. I was put on Provera for 10 days b/c it didn't look like af was coming on her own. I took the last pill on July 16 an af started the very next day, but only lasted 3 days and it was very light. I haven't had af since then so I have to touch base back with my dr. on Wed. I am not sure what course of action will be taken. I was surprised, I didn't have any side effecs from taking it, but I have heard others have horrible side effects (hungry all the time, etc). Good Luck.



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