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Gaby - May 24

hey i was wondering to those who are trying to long have you been trying? cuz ive heard of a girl trying to have a baby and she tried for two years until it finally happened


SomedayMommy - May 25

Gaby~ My dh and I have been trying for 1year and four months. I have read some woman have been ttc for as long as 10 years! I don't know how they did it but they did. I wish you the best of luck and lots of baby dust to us all!


Gaby - May 25

isnt it kind of weird that when you actually want to try it doesnt happen...and then theres women and teen girls who are pregnant without even planning it or wanting a baby....well i hope you do get pregnant soon


Ky_la_02 - May 25

My dh and I've been trying for a little over a year. It's frustrating, but I know it will happen... but hopefully sooner than later! :) I know what you mean Gaby, my sister-in-law is only 21 and is expecting her fourth, with her youngest being only 6 months old. Wishing you all the best :)


randy - May 25

I've been trying for 2 years and 8 months. I've had 3 miscarriages in 6 months. It's hard but just have to keep hoping it happens


tonyaandjoe - May 25

we have been trying for 8 months i know it will happen i am praying too so hopefully it will happen.


Chrystina - May 26

I have been trying for 4 years to conceive a child. I know whats wrong with me (very irregular periods) but I just have to find something that will regulate my periods and ultimately that would put my body in working order. I've been seeing a Re for about 5 years now and he's put me on every single med out there with no yeh i guess the baby making process is very difficult for some ppl but I know it's something I'll never give up until i get a +hpt! So gaby tell me about urself? How long have u been TTC?


matzgrl - May 26

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 yrs...still no luck.


Elh83 - May 27

Me and DH have been TTC for almost 2yrs and 7 months now. We were TTC naturally for 2 yrs and 6 months. I just started my first round of clomid. Hope fully God will bless us these 3 cycles!


BabyOnMyMind - May 30

Hi. We've been trying for 1 year, 9 months. We just made an apt. to see a specialist.


Natasha - May 30

trying for 4 1/2 years


sammii - May 30

I conceived within one month of coming off the pill with my first daughter when i was 26. Im 35 now and came off the pill a year ago and still havent conceived... (well to my knowledge as im late now but tested negative) ive taken fertility tests at home which claim im fertile but have booked to see the doctor on Monday to see whats happening.


emeliz - May 30

Going into month #8. I spent so many years making sure I didn't get pregnant. It didn't occur to me it would be equal effort to GET pregnant! More so even...because not getting pregnant involved making sure I took a tiny pill every day. This takes much more effort, timing, and PAIN. Between newfound extreme ovulation pain that lasts for days, the usual period pain, extra doctor visits, including painful diagnostic tests -- well, I'm very surprised. But at the same time...I'm learning about my body, which is empowering, and I'm learning that lots of other women have similar stories, and meeting lots of nice people along the way ;) So hang in there, everyone! Good luck to all....


lisnel - May 30

My husband and I have been married for almost 16 years. We haven't really been trying for that long but haven't used anything to not get pregnant either. So I guess you could say that we've been trying for about 15 1/2 years. Only the last 5 or 6 years or so have been really really trying. I'm 41 and a have started Lupron shots for endo. Only had one shot so far, going to have one each month for 6 months. Also dh is having a varocele surgery next week to help him. He already has two children from previous marriage that are 24 and26 years old. I'm still working on having my first. Hopefully after all this I will have my dream come true. I don't plan on giving up until I've tried everything possible that we can do and that we can afford. Which I probably won't be able to do IVF or IUI or anything like that because I don't think that we could afford it. Also I'm not even sure if there is any clinics in my town or nearby towns that even do them. But anyway, I'll try everything possible before I give up. I just feel like i was meant to be a mother. If all else fails then maybe i'll look into fostering or adopting. Not sure if I could afford adoption either though. Any way that's my story. I've been waiting almost 16 years to have a child.



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