to Melissa S.,Drew, and any Ladies who want to wish well....
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Christina - June 27

hi girls,
i thought we could use a thread for some positive energy and share some love! any good news, advice, ect, join here! ++++Baby Dust to all+++++++


Drew - June 27

Christina, great idea!!! Keep at it ladies, our glory will come! Lots of love and ~~~Baby Dust~~~ to you all!!


Jill - June 27

Good luck to everyone!!


christina - June 27

Hi jill, same to you! goodmorning ladies! hope everyone had a great weekend! all ttc in my prayers always!have a great day!


Alissa - June 27

Hey christina we are all at now"... way better then here you should come and join you can have pictures blinkies exspess yourself! ANd there is no fighting and you just have a lot of fun :)


christina - June 27

will do thanks for the info. melissa told me about it havent gotten there yet tonight!


Drew - June 27

Hey Christina, how was your day? Hope all is well!


Drew - June 27

Ok, at the risk of starting to sound neurotic, I have a question. Any one know what cm is supposed to look like when you get pg? I don't know if its just cause of my cold, but it's in abundance right now. I didn't want to start analyzing everthing this month, but I cant help it... uuggghh!! Hey Melissa, are you still out there? How are ya?


christina - June 28

girls i signed up at the other forum where are you all at, i see a million rooms.thanks.drew i wish i knew an answer i cant even get pregnant to know what that should or shouldnt look like.


Alissa - June 28

Christina go under General TTC Buddies
then go to TTC Support Buddies thats were we are at then just push favorite and it will be at the top all the time :) welcome girly!


MelissaS - June 29

Good morning Girls! As you know I've been frequenting the other site but figured I'd check here today.

Drew, to answer your ?? I think your cm is normal (about what it is just before af) at the beginning. I didn't see an increase in cm until my 2nd trimester. I had to use a pantyliner.


MelissaS - June 29

Christina, can you find us?

Drew, have you checked it out?


Amy - June 30

Hello to everyone and good luck to everyone. I have two days left and I am going to test. Please cross your fingers for me. I am really excited about testing but yet afraid to get my hopes up. It is so hard not to get your hopes up. Know what I mean? Anyhow, I am testing friday morning and that evening or so, I will let everyone know what the result is. Oh how I pray it's positive. My husband said that for the past 2 weeks I have been really crabby. I have not noticed though, honestly. I am burning up right now. the airconditioner does not seem to be working. It is so hot! I can not wait for it to cool down. how is weather everywhere else?


Jill - June 30

I'm in the Midwest, and it hit 99° today with the heat index at 106. My husband works outside in this everyday, and I worry about him. I'm from lower Alabama, so I know how to deal with the heat and humidity. I just don't know what to do when it starts snowing here!!


Amy - June 30

I also work in the heat. Sometimes outside and sometimes inside. The only thing, there is no airconditioning inside the plant where I do work. It is hot hot


MelissaS - June 30

Hey Drew, are you out there?


MelissaS - July 4

Hey Christina, still don't see you on the other forum, and haven't got an e-mail recently. Are you ok? Miss you!



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