To Jennifer...from Provera question
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Kelly - April 21

Jennifer, I was wondering how you are doing on the Provera? I am on my second day and have not noticed any side effects yet. I also go straight into Clomid on days 3-7. Were you not ovulating? I wish you luck!!!!


Jennifer - April 21

I have onlt two or three periods a year. The only side effect that I have noticed is mood swings. I am on day nine of provera and still have not started. I take clomid days 5-9. I am a little nervous. Good luck to you I hope it works. Keep in touch


Kelly - April 22

Thanks Jennifer, Good luck to you and I will keep in touch. Hope you will also :)


Jennifer - April 23

I finished my ten days of provera yesturday and still nothing, I am getting a little impatient but I know in time it will all work out.


Kelly - April 24

Today is my fourth day on provera. I have been dreaming more vivid dreams, but that is all I have noticed. I hope I get my af after I finish the provera. I am taking it for seven days and doc said that I should start 3 days after. I read today on the internet today symptoms of Asherman's Syndrome and got really depressed because the symptoms fit me perfectly. It is usually occurs after an invasive D&C. If the provera does not bring af on, then off to an RE I go. Have you tried provera before to bring on af or is this the first time? Let me know if af comes and I will keep you in my prayers. I am with you on the impatient part but it helps me when I have someone to talk to who understand,so THANK YOU for listening :-) I wish you lots of luck and I know you will have a little one soon. Is this your first? Well keep your spirits high. Baby dust to ya********


Jennifer - April 24

I started yesturday. I was so excited. This was my first time on provera and now I will start clomid on Wednesday. I am so nervous. The only side effect that I noticed was that I had mood swings. This is my first visit from a/f since november. not fun


Kelly - April 24

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Jennifer. I am so excited for you. Please keep me posted on how the Clomid goes. I finish my last dose of Provera tomorrow, then if af shows I will get to start the Clomid. I am really happy for you and hope you will ovulate and get pregnant soon. When do you go and check to see if you ovulated? You and hubby have FUN!!!


Jennifer - April 25

My doctor never said anything about that. I have an appointment on May 17. Do you know if it is normal to have a heavy period after provera. I have never had a period this heavy. It is so awful.


Andrea - April 25

Hey girls, sorry to interject, I've been throught the clomid, provera and then onto puregone. Your period can range from almost nothing, to crazy double up heavy. I was on clomid for only 1 cycle, it didn't have any physical effect. Dr's usually want you to do a min of 3 cycles before you're re-assesed. From there you can go to several options, one being puregone which is a injection along with lupron to keep you from ovulating. It's kinda scary at first but you learn to deal.
I hope eveything goes well for you!


Jennifer - April 30

I am on my third day of clomid and so far I have only had a few hot flashes. Hope all is well with you.


Kelly - April 30

Andrea, thanks for the info. you can interject anytime.

Jennifer, I am sorry about af being so heavy. I hope it eases up for ya and pays off by being blessed w/ a little one.

I finished my last day of Provera on Monday and STILL no af. I am getting concerned. I think I will post a question out there to see if anyone maybe knows whats up. My next doc. appt isnt until May 11.


Jennifer - May 3

I took an opk and it was positive so I am hoping that it will work this time. It has been so wierd because I didn't have to try with my first two children and now we have been trying for a third for over a year. I hope that it happens soon I am so sick of thinking that we are pregnant just to get a - test result. I hope all is going well with you.
I made it through the first round of clomid and hopefully the last.


Kelly - May 5

Jennifer, I hope that this is the month for you!! I have good news, my af finally came two days ago after stopping Provera on the 25th of Ap. So, I FINALLY get to start the clomid tomorrow. I dont know whether to take it am or pm. I will probably take it am because I will be so anxious. Keep me posted and best wishes.


Kelly - May 5

Oh, and happy mothers day!!


Khadine - May 7

Sorry to interject, but I have just started taking Provera myself and today is 7 days and I still have not seen any period. Is this normal? I mean, I feel confused. I am supposed to Start with the Clomid too, but it's quite strange how my period did not come. The only thing is that my breasts are tender and there is very little or no ab. cramps. What do you think?


Kelly - May 8

Khadine, I took Provera for 7 days. I started af 8 days from the last day of pill. My doc said it could take up to two weeks so hang in there. I did not have bad cramps or anything either. I just noticed sore boobs the day before af showed. Pretty much a normal af for me except I stopped on day 4 of cycle. I hope this helps and best of luck!!!! Is this your first round of Clomid? I am on my 4th day of Clomid of first round. Jennifer, I hope you are doing well. You ladies are in my prayers!!


Jennifer - May 9

I have a stupid question but I need to know so I will ask. I took provera April 13-22 and clomid April 27- May 1. So now do I have to take provera again to get a period or will it start by itself this time??? I have no idea. Khadine my doctor also had told me that it could take up to two weeks after your last pill so I think that it will start soon. I want to be pregnant so bad. My sister in law just had a baby last week and I was over there tonite. I want another one so bad.



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