to early to ovulate
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medas04 - February 21

when is the earliest that i could ovulate...could i ovulate right after af..does everyone ovulate around day 14 or just some people


Mega - February 21

I've heard of people O-ing right after AF, but that's pretty unusual. Mainly when you O it's based on how long your cycle is. If you have a 26 day cycle, you'd O sooner than someone with a 32 day cycle, typically. And if you're irregular, you could O anytime, or more likely not at all. So no, most people don't ov at the so called "normal day 14." Also, for most women they don't typcially O the same day each cycle, there may be a 1 or 2 day difference. When I'm on Clomid I O anywhere from CD 16 to CD 20, it varies each time for me. I hope this helps! Good luck.



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