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me - January 13

Thanks! How is everyone doing here? Any news?


Deby - January 24

Me & LB...are you still around? Havent heard from you guys in a while. Well I am just going into my 6th week and am beginning to get mild m/s which lasts all day and gets worse around dinner time. I hope it doesnt get any more significant that what it is. It sucks. I just get REALLY naseous but never get sick. Someone suggested I get sour balls to suck on (The candy). Any other suggestions? How are you guys doing?


LB - January 26

Hi deb, on cd8 today so just waiting to O, the morning sickness will probably get worse, but that is a good thing, means your hormone levels are rising, i found crackers worked for me in the morning and chewing gum during the day as well as lots of water. Have you any other symptoms? When do you go for your ultrasound? keep us updated, maybe twins? take care check in with you soon.


Deby - January 26

Hey LB. My u/s is Monday. The naseousness comes and goes. Yesterday and Today I didnt have any. I am very anxious for Monday to come and actually see it to believe it..cause I still dont believe it. I just want to see that everything is ok. I guess I will know Mon if twins or not :)


me - January 26

Yes I'm still here. I didn't think anyone read this post anymore since there wasn't a response since the last time I posted. I am glad to hear you ladies are doing well! Deb - sorry about the m/s. I know how icky it makes you feel. Mine started around 6 weeks too but only lasted until 8 or 9, which was cool. I lived on Jolly Ranchers, no idea why. I just ate whatever I was in the mood for at the time. I have an aversion to peppermint, so the toothpaste and gum had to be bubble gum flavor :) Crackers I used as a last resort, but it never really got that bad. Keep us posted about your u/s. Why are thinking twins? How many follicles did you have when you were on the clomid? LB - hope you nail it at O time!


Shelle - January 27

Deb & Me, I use to chat with you on the other page back in Oct.. I have been wondering how you 2 were doing.. I just found this new thread you started and was sooooo happy 2 see you 2 got your BFP !!! Yippy- skippy!!! I got pregnant 4 days after my hsg and am now 17 weeks and still very sick.. I took me 11 months of trying till the HSG.. I would love to join your chat session again if you wouldn't mind.. Good luck 2 all the other ladies trying after your HSG, it will happen soon.. Hugs, Michelle


me - January 28

Congrats to you! It took me 11 months too before my HSG. I am glad to hear you are doing well, toher than being sick of course :)


LB - January 31

Hey deby how did your ultrasound go? are you having twins or one? keep us updated we are all rooting for you!


me - February 6

Any info on the u/s?


Tibby - February 7

Does anyone know how Deby is doing?


me - February 10

Deby are you out there? You have us concerned. Hope everything is ok. I am doing fine with mine. How is everyone else?


Michelle - February 10

Hi, Gals!! I'm glad to see you are doing good... I just found out we are having a BOY!! Yippy!! Does anyone else know yet?? The lunar calander said we were having as girl so I guess it was wrong... Me how many weeks are you now? Michelle


nila - February 11

me what happened to you on the other forum,Deb where r u. U got BFP then left us here


me - February 13

I am in my 16th week right now. Weird. I have another appt this Friday. The little bugger has me all bloated and uncomfortable in the lower belly region. I have not felt him yet though. I can't wait to get my u/s that tells me what gender I am having. Thanks for asking!


me - February 17




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