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me - December 9

My dh keeps giving me goofy grins and kisses my belly alot. He insists that I don't lift a finger unless it is to do the laundry or make dinner :) I can't even bring out the xmas lights or he will get upset. I fell good other than the sore boobs and the slight nausea every day (no throwing up though thank god). I feel good. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! It would be great to have you pregnant by xmas!


LB - December 10

Hi ladies, well nothing really new with me, slightly sore boobs, not the nipples though just around the breasts, i have blue veins going through them but i have them all the time. I had a sore throat yesterday but now it is gone. I am now 7 dpo and waiting one more week to test, i have had menstrual cramps on and off now so who knows, my body is playing weird tricks on me. Well keep me updated ladies bring on the morning sickness!


me - December 11

just checking...bump


Deb - December 12

Hey girls. Me - I hope I get that BFP by xmas too. I sill have the really sore bbs still but am just so afraid to think anything of it! I felt a little quesy this morning..but that happened a few times last month..and it was nothing. I dont think this is my month, but I will wait and see till thursday. I want to test so bad..but just cant. I cannot stand to see another BFN after all these months!!! LB - When is your af due?


Deb - December 12

Well I just got af so I am out this month. Gees how frustrating. My cycles are getting shorter each month. I just dont get it. What am I doing wrong? I really was feeling positive these past 2 months cause of my HSG. This stinks!


Deb - December 13

Me and LB..were are you guys? I got af yesterday and was dying to talk to you!!


me - December 13

sorry kiddo, I was not feeling that well yesterday. I am so sorry you got AF, the little wench! Talk to me!


Deb - December 13

She came a little early. Getting frustrated. My doc called me in the prescription for Clomid so I guess I will try that. It cant hurt right? I keep thinking about the endometriosis thing. I hope I dont have that and am too afraid to get the lap done. I would hate to get actual surgery for nothing..but I guess it would give me peice of mind. I will try the clomid for a few months and see what happens. If nothing by the Spring, I will opt for the lap. What do you think? How are you feeling???


me - December 13

I totally know how you feel about getting frustrated. When you got your HSG done, did they see anything abnormal like endometriosis? Were you already diagnosed with it or are you just wondering what else could be causing you problems? I think that you should try the clomid first and see if you respond to it. I was SO looking forward to being put on clomid to help me ovulate, but my cyst prevented me from being put on it. Please refresh my memory, were you diagnosed with PCOS or anything? Hormone levels are normal? It could just be something as stupid as bad timing. Other than ovulating sporadicly, I only had sex in the pm for months. Last month we had sex every other day and actually had sex once in the am on one fo those days. After looking at when I possibly conceived, it seems that particular day when we bd in the am was the day sperm met egg. I know I am probably oversimplifying it, but if everything else is normal for you, it could be that. In my case, couple that with not ovulating regularly, and that was what prevented me from conceiving until now. It is good that you are being proactive. If it were me, I would try the clomid before you elect to have any surgery. Keep me posted!


LB - December 14

Deb oh that sucks, i hate AF, mine is supposed to start on sat this week and she just might, i have no preg symptoms at all my boobs are not sore, and i am getting menstrual cramps like i get every month at this time, sucks. You say your cycles are getting shorter? wierd i heard that could be due to a short leutal phase and you might need to get progestrone supplements, i read that your periods are late or short before Ovulation but generally after ovulation your period starts around 14 to 16 days. I hope clomid helps you, does that increase your chance of multiples? don''t give up though i am sure you will start the new year with a bang! if my af starts this weekend i will be bummed too but still got hope for the new year, i will keep you updated i ordered the clearblue fertility monitor so i will try that my next cycle and hope it works, LB


Deb - December 14

HI girls. LB..I hope af doesnt come!!! I hope the new year brings joy to both of us!! Me - No my HSG was endo..I was just curious if that was possibly what is keeping us from conceiveing. ALl these things go through your head of what it could be. I am PCOS or anything..that I know of. I have had blood work, he has had semen anaylsis, you know I have had the HSG, I even had the Post Coital test done where they make sure my mucus is a good enviornment for his sperm and they were all I am hoping Clomid just helps us a little faster!!! Thanks to both of you guys for checking in on me. I will be sure to keep updating you. I am due to ovulate on xmas so that will be a fun week!


me - December 14

I hope the clomid works for you! I am glad to hear that everything else is normal though. That should be a relief to you at least. Now we just have to get the timing right and get you pregnant!! Easier said than done right? :) Hope it works for you! Enjoy the holidays with your hubby and bd every other night! If not for procreation sake, do it for stress relief!! :)


Deb - December 14

I will girl thanks! DO you think I could be every night since his analysis was ok..or do you think its better to do every other? What did you do?


queen - December 15

Hello ladies..Deb- I am sorry to hear about AF coming. This month will be your month...cause Santa Clause is coming smile:) I finally got to make my appt for my HSG test. Its next wed and I am still a little nervous. I went for a sonogram last week and my RE told me that he was concern about my left ovary. It was sitting kind of close to my uterus. He did not know what this meant..he mentioned that there may of been some minor scarring. I dont know what that had to do with the location of my ovary but I was like ok whatever! So I am really hoping my HSG shows up clear so I dont have to worry about my tubes. The one glory I hold on to is that I was pregnant before at the age of maybe just over time things naturally got out of place and can be put back together. Hopeful BFP this month for everyone!


Deb - December 15

Queen good luck! I hope you can find out some answers! Let us know how things go!!! I hope Santa brings me the only thing I am wishing for. That would just be so awesome to I could potentially conceive on xmas. This is my 3rd month after my HSG so I hope the 3rd time is a charm!


Jane - December 15

Hi guys, I had an HSG this month. I usually have clomid, but didnt take it this month, but i think i ovulated.. I am expecting my af on monday...My fingers are crossed...



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