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LB - December 6

Hi deb i wanted to start a new thread after it the old post was so long, anyways i had an hsg two months ago and now i am 2 days past O would you mind if we wait together? any other ladies want to wait together as well? how soon do you think symptoms can start? i feel quite dry and only scant amount of creamy cervical mucus, I hope this month will be bfp for all of us


Deb - December 6

LB - I would love to wait with you! Mine was 2 months ago as well. I am due Dec 15th. How about you? I have heard of people having symptoms 3 dpo. I think women know their bodies so well! I have just sore boobs right now which has happened in the past for I am not thinking much of it! Same with my cm. I always seem to have it and am having it now! Who knows. I guess I wont know for sure till the 15th! I hope this is our month too. That would be so great to get that BFP in time for xmas!


Me - December 6

Hi Ladies hope you don't mind if I join in, I had an HSG on Friday of last week and found out that my left tube is blocked. I will be going for a scope, I am so depressed by this, everything seems to be going wrong for me, ovulation problems, pcos and now blocked tube. Everything I have been reading is saying when your tube is blocked you should go IVF is this true??? Can you not get pregnant with one tube???


queen - December 6

Hello ladies, I will having an HSG done sometime this month. I haven't scheduled it yet since I am waiting for AF to arrive. Could you tell me how your experience was with this procedure? I dont have a high tolerence for I am bit scared to have this done.


Deb - December 6

Me - I have read abuot so many people who have gotten pregnant naturally with one tube let alone one being blocked. Will the procedure you are having unblock it? Queen - I had some blockage, very minimal with my test..and there was some big time cramping..I wont lie. But its done as soon as the procedure is done! It wont last long. A friend of mine had it done and felt nothing so I guess everyon is different. Good luck and let me know how you make out. This is my second month after having the HSG so I hope its a lucky month just in time for xmas! All of my doctors said women who have this procedure done..tend to get pregnant within the following 3 good luck to all of you and keep me posted!


queen - December 6

Deb: Thanks so much for your insight. I hope everything works out for you, I am sure this is your month. I have a step daughter and I have her write out her Dear Santa list every Christmas..I think this year I will join her. As always keep it in GOD's hand and everything will work out. Good luck and I will keep you posted.


Deb - December 6

Thanks queen! I hope you are right! I will do the same for you!!!!


Me - December 6

HI Queen - When I went for my HSG I was really nervous, it is a bit uncomfortable at first and there really isn't much pain, but when they use the xray fluid it feels like you have really bad menstrual cramps It's a feeling that I'm sure you have
experienced before, I have painful menstrual cramps so this is what it felt like to me. The test is so fast that there really isn't much time to dwell on or react to the feeling. Once it's done you have spotting they say it lasts an hour but mine lasted until the next day and was more heavier than a spotting. I went in for my test at 9am and was done at 9:10am and this included some of the dr and nurse prep. I would definatly do it again without hesitation if I had to! I hope this helps to ease your mind a bit, It really isn't that bad, the worst part for me was the news that I had a blocked tube.


LB - December 7

Hi deb we are almost on the same cycle, mine is due on the 17th i have some sore boobs today nothing much, I have a little cm but not much i have had cramps on and off like menstrual cramps but that isn't abnormal for me. A xmas baby would be the best present this year. I hope my symptoms get worse,lol, who ever knew nausea would be so welcoming. To me, i heard that it shouldn't deminish your chances of conception if one tube is blocked, but it may take you a little longer, i don't really know about the ivf though but hey if you can get it i heard the chances of conception is pretty high but so is the chances of multiples. To queen my hsg didn't really hurt until after it, but i am a wimp and the cramps were bad for me but it was like strong menstrual cramps, i would take an ibuprofen before and all should be fine, it was actually kinda neat to see the dye get injected, they didn't find any blocked tubes for me, hopefully they won't for you but ladies even if they do there are procedures for clearing it out. Lets keep in touch ladies and bfp for all of us i hope, check back later LB


Deb - December 7

LB - THats we can test together. I am going to hopefully test on the 16th..if af stays away that long. I know what you mean about wishing for naseoua. Its too funny. I really hope this our month. That would just be the best xmas present for my whole family. I might even go get a frame this weekend just in case. I would write a little message in a I LOve My Daddy frame to wrap up for him. I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!!!


queen - December 7

Thank you ladies for your insights. I am starting to feel better about this procedure. I am a wimp too when it comes to pain. It would definently be perfect if we could get a bfp for Christmas. Have any of you tried temping? I get how to do it..I just cant remember to check my temp in the morning all the time. I leave for work so early that I just focus on trying to get out of bed.


Deb - December 7

Queen, I temped and everything for 5 months. I stopped this month cause it was becoming just too stressful. Wanted to see what would happen if I just went with the we'll see. Dont worry about the HSG..its not really that bad.


LB - December 8

Hi ladies, I will test on the 17th maybe i don't know if i can wait that long, i feel like testing now even though i know it's way too early i am only 4 dpo have you any more symptoms deb?i don't have any more to date but i do have some lower back pain but that happens before af too and i don't want it to show at all, my cm is not really there but it is still a bit creamy, i can't remember if i had cm before my af at all. Queen i hope your af comes soon so you can get your hsg done and i hope you we all get our bfp's soon,, check in tommorrow ladies, LB


Deb - December 8

Hi LB. NO right now its just the sore bbs which has happened before so I am trying to think of anything of it. I will wait till the 16th to test. I am due the 14th or 15th so we'll see. Maybe we can test together. I just hope this is our month!!!!


me - December 8

Hey Deb! It is funny you stopped temping this month, becasue last month I stopped temping and got pregnant. My RE just said to bd when you begin to get wet down there. I had sex every other day that month and it turned out well for me. It will happen. It is funny how much we are NOT in control these things either. I had sex with my hubby everyo ther day and not is ht e best positions either. Mayeb it was becasue I was enjoying the sex as opposed to having "reproductive sex" :) Who knows? Stay strong and positive! I will happen for you! For others - I am now 6.5 weeks pregnant and only had the symptoms or alot of bloating before my period was due. I tested the day AF was due and got the positive. It was a week later that my boobs started getting sore and the cramping began (it was implantation and uterine stretching cramps). The creamy cm didn't start until around week 6 for me. Feel free to ask any questions. Hope this is the month for you guys!!! Baby dust!


Deb - December 9

Me i hope your right! THe past 2 days my bbs have been really sore. My dh gives me a hug and I wince cause they hurt. I hope its a good sign!! I get cramps every now and then at night..but nothing big. I already feel bloated and I am not due till next Thurs. We'll see. I would just LOVE to give this present to my dh and family for xmas! Please keep your fingers crossed for me. How are you feeling? Is your hubby asking you all the time how you feel and giving you lots of attention?


me - December 9

My dh keeps giving me goofy grins and kisses my belly alot. He insists that I don't lift a finger unless it is to do the laundry or make dinner :) I can't even bring out the xmas lights or he will get upset. I fell good other than the sore boobs and the slight nausea every day (no throwing up though thank god). I feel good. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! It would be great to have you pregnant by xmas!



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