To become Pregnant
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Visalakshi - April 28

How do I become pregnant, I am married for the last 1 - 1/2 yrs and having unprotected sex, trying to conceive for the last 8 mths. As per the doctor my utreus is retroverted.


Nena - April 29

Try abdominal massage. This might help as it did help some people that I know. Try the search engine and it will give you the information. I think that is Maja abdominal massage. Don't worry, the massage will help because doct's don't know about these things they just want to have an operation or something similar. God bless.


Lynn - April 29

I recently read that, with uteral abnormality, sex from behind may help aid conception...something about the pathway the sperm must travel being more downhill. And if, when in missionary postion, you put a pillow or two under you bottom, that could help too. What exactly is 'retroverted' ? Is it tilted or tipped?



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