To anyone trying to conceive...
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gYpSyRoSe - October 27

I highly recommend this book... Taking Charge of Your Fertility, The definitive guide to natural birth control Pregnancy achievement and reproductive health by Toni Weschler. I was up late at night reading it and could hardly put it down. I was pregnant within one month of reading it. Put a pillow under your butt for about 15 or 20 minutes after sex. DO what this book says and you should be preggo in no time.


Allie - October 27

gYpSyRoSe, Thanks for the info. Does it mention that you should/should not have sex everyday when trying to conceive? What are some other helpful hints? Thanks and congrats to you!


Toni - October 27

I rec. it too! Great info. It says you can bd everyday if your dh's sperm count is normal.


gYpSyRoSe - October 28

If I where you Allie I would get the book. It really did help me. You don't need to have sex everyday if you know when your most fertile days are. I mean I wouldn't, I think at least every other day, hubby's spern need time to regenerate. Morning is the most fertile time, and so is winter. He most keep his scrotum from to much heat. I made mine wear boxers. I also had him on prenatal pills and all kinds of stuff, but man this book really helped me understand my body and my fertility, I would recommend it even if your not TTC. Thanks for the congrats and goodluck!


@ - October 28

That's great! I just think about the book and I get pregnant!


me - October 29

Sarcastic...but funny all the same :) Made me laugh out loud!



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