To all you girls using CB Fertility Monitor
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Audrey - November 19

I got my peak on cd 16 and 17. I am on day 22 now and it is still asking me to feed it sticks, even though the last 5 days they have all come back with one bar. I feel like I am wasting these expensive sticks, and I have no idea why it is still wanting them if I already had my peak 6 days ago. Last month on day 18 it automatically went to one bar and I didn't have to test anymore. What have you girls experienced? Thanks!


Audrey - November 19



Jen - November 19

Hi Audrey! After your two peak days, I would just stop testing. I had the same experience last month and stopped testing after my peak days and it's fine. Your monitor is programmed to ask for tests for 10 days, if you don't get your peak within those 10 days, it will ask you test for another 10 days. Save some money and stop testing! That's my advice, take it or leave it, but good luck!


Audrey - November 19




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