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lovemy3 - January 13

Saw your response about the positive surge. Did your dr ever say what is was? Mine is now at 4 days and its really upsetting me. I am worried it is PCOS related. i have never been dx with it but I suspect I might have it. What was the outcome with yuors?


tk07 - January 14

hi! well, i haven't been back to the Dr because i went to my u/s earlier than usual. but mine was positive an afternoon, the next 2 mornings and then barely negative that last afternoon. but the last morning that is was + was the day i ovulated.... so i don't know what to think! maybe i ovulated a couple times?? i am taking clomid.
i don't think i have pcos because i get u/s every month and i would think they would see that. i was really bothered by it too, 4 days is really long. maybe call your Dr and ask them on monday.
if you do, let me know what they say!



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