tired of trying and ready to give up!!!
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tanya - January 6

my hubby and i have been TTC for 8 months now and have not even had any hints that i could be pregnant once. my period came early this month by 2 days and last month i was late by 1 day. i am always regular i dont know what i going on. i am on a precare conceive vitamin and am hoping for some positive news next month. does anybody feel this way too or experincing this same thing?? i sure could use some help here. i would also like to exchaneg emails with someone who has the same problems or just someone to talk to about this without using this forum all the time. forum is great but it gets to long sometimes.


bj - January 6

Hi Tanya! Not to sound rude or anything, but 8 months is nothing. My husband and I have been trying for over 3 years. Don't give up though, it WILL happen. Have you been to the doctor? Turns out, I have endometriosis, and had to have a laparoscopy. Now I am on some shots to help control it. After a couple of more months of shots, we can start trying again. I'm sorry if it sounded rude in the beginning. I just don't want you to give up. If I am still going strong after 3 years, anyone can do it. It can be an emotional roller coaster, though. Have faith, and hang in there.


kotkot - January 6

hey tanya .. i agre with bj .. scientificlly , you do not have to consider your self with a fertility problem before a one year of marriage . so hold on there , relax and do not worry its gonna happen one day.. personally, i do not advice you to take any kind of medication till the first year ends up hope that u will fall pregnant before that tome.. keep us posted


kotkot - January 6

and by the way my e-mail is : [email protected] you can use the login name to put me on your yahoo messenger list if u have one.



Hello Tanya, my husband and I tried for a year I know how you feel I've been through the same emotions I tell you what I tried and I know it sounds like its crazy but try it at least OVULEX.com If you do try it please post and let me know. MAMA O


angel_azn - January 8

hi tanya...i am going through the same thing...we have been trying for almost two years now and no luck....i am very stress about it but hope that i will get pregnant soon...you see my husband and i got married before his cousin did like almost a month and now they are expecting a baby this year and we are still trying...seeing someone get pregnant in less time that you were trying hurts alot and you just pray that GOD is there by your side and that soon he'll let you have a baby...i cry all the time and sometimes i just lose it...but i'm trying to be strong now and you should too...hang in there and soon you'll have a bundle of joy...good luck...need to talk...e-mail me at [email protected]


sherry - January 8

hey tanya, hold on girl. it will happen, i know it is so hard! are you testing with opk's, or just winging it? like the other girls say, you aren't even considered as having a problem fertility wise for at leasy 1 year, and i know each month seems like forever, but i betya there is nothing wrong with you. just like us all, the best things come to those who wait, and even though the wait sucks, the rewards are so great! believe in that, and if you need pointers on checking for fertility signs etc. just ask, i'll gladly help. vitamins are great to take pre-pregnancy :) good luck.


lori_tn - January 8

ive been trying for 6 years doctors say to wait a year before considering u have a problem


Holly - January 8

Try 8yrs.. good luck *~Baby Dust~*


LC - January 8

Hi Tanya
My husband and I have TTC for 8 months too. I feel exactly the same way as you. I have 28-30 day regular cycles. I don't know what is going on. I have been to the Dr. and of course they all say be patient and it will happen...give it a year. Each month I figure it will happen, but it does not. I am tracking ovulation and seem to have good timing. My husband just went in for a semen anaylsis which we do not have results back yet. I am on cycle day 5 right now..how about you? I totally understand how you feel. Keep in touch.



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